4 Tips for Designing a Conference Room

All companies, big or small, are using the power of technology and aesthetically pleasing décor to create the ideal conference room. Conference and meeting rooms are created for employees, big clients, and also available for a daily or hourly rental. Meeting rooms are shared spaces and put your employees in the same room as dozens of other companies. You need to take into consideration the level of noise, if the rooms are productive for presentations and meetings for a small or large team, and if it has the necessary equipment. How do you determine which meeting room suits your needs? Here are four design tips to create the perfect corporate space.

Ample capacity and furnishings

When designing a conference room, you need to take into account the capacity and arrangement of furnishings. A conference room should be able to accommodate at least thirty people and must measure 32 feet by fourteen feet. A spacious conference room should allow attendees to walk around comfortably during meetings and other discussions as well as speeches and presentations. Remember to create a modular conference room so that you can easily incorporate live streaming, video equipment, a whiteboard, and more. If you are having a breakout session or team exercise, a table would not be suited, whereas, for a presentation, the chairs need to be placed facing front.

Ensure whatever purpose your room is for it ensures flexibility. Another nice feature is a glass door which separates the meeting room and can be merged at any given time. For example, if you have a small group, you can divide the room into two parts and the other part can be used for another team – or you can join both the parts for a big team.

Installing the latest technology

Conference rooms are very reliant on elements like a strong Wi-Fi connection and an audio-visual system. Invest in high-quality equipment to improve the overall utility of a conference room. Problems like low internet connectivity, audio problems, and other issues can give a very bad impression to you and your brand, especially if big clients are involved. Use multiple high-resolution displays in each room which can be seen from all corners. This allows you to cover a lot of ground during your meetings and helps attendees to stay engaged, so they don’t get distracted with their phones and devices during an important meeting. Having many screens is much better than one basic projector and it allows you to impress clients or your own internal team.

Take advantage of natural lighting

Working long hours under fluorescent lights can cause eye strain, blurred vision, and damage to your eyes. Natural light is beneficial to your eyes and adds a touch of liveliness and makes the room look more spacious. Installing quality blinds to cut out light during video conferences and presentations and when you have other meetings, you can allow the clean natural light in. Dimly lit rooms don’t look professional while natural light makes all the difference, creating a nice ambiance and a pleasant atmosphere for your meeting.

Pick the best designs

When choosing a conference room table, you need to keep in mind aesthetics, comfort, durability, and more. Antimicrobial products are cost-effective and you have a wide choice. If you are worried about germs and pathogens in today’s world, it is best to pick from Virokill laminates or plywood which come with nanotechnology to kill any viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and other microbes, keeping your space clean and hygienic. They are resistant to abrasion, cuts, scratches, and moisture and have a good aesthetic appeal, making them an apt choice for your conference room table. Moreover, these laminates come in a range of designs, colors, and shapes you can choose from.

The Last Word

A well-designed conference room speaks volumes about you and your brand and is a great asset to have. You can even lease it out when you are not using it. Opt for a conference room with the latest technology, natural light, and high-quality equipment for good looks and superior performance.

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