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5 Must have Smart Devices for your Home

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A smart home may sound like it is meant only for the tech savvy, it is not. In fact, a smart home is more convenient, easy and a worthwhile investment. Smart devices can cut down on your electricity bills, are appealing to your guests and gives you comfort and convenience.
Knowing which smart home devices to start with can be a time consuming task. However, it is tougher to find authentic and reliable dealers to buy smart devices from.
There are many authentic companies to buy smart devices from such as FirstEnergy Ohio Edison. However, you need to do your homework before you spend your hard-earned money. Here are a few devices that you might want to have in your home:

Smart Lights

Smart lights are the first option you should go for if you want to upgrade to a smart home. Smart lights not only allow you to control the lights in your home with a tap on your mobile phone but also let you create an ambiance in your home. You can change light color according to your mood and with some lights you can control them with a voice command if you have the smart hub.

Smart Cameras

You can easily mount smart cameras where ever you would like them in your home, depending on your requirement. A number of different smart cameras are available in the market. You can choose to get them installed inside your house or outside. Smart cameras have high quality 4K displays and the ability to zoom in 12 times, which can be a useful feature when it comes to home security. Along with a high quality picture some also come with speakers and microphones. These cameras have a 130 degree view for 24/7 surveillance so that you can be at ease that your home is safe and secure.
Smart cameras today come with snapshot history so that you can keep up with what is going on inside your home if you miss a notification on your phone. You do not have to worry if it is raining as smart cameras are weather proof and will be functional throughout all the seasons of the year. They detect doubtful activity and trespassers and your phone will notify you right away.

Smart Door Locks

Different varieties of smart door locks exist in the market. They are available in elegant, unique designs and have easy installation. If you are among those people who forget their keys while heading out of the house these locks are meant for since they don’t need any to lock them. You can lock and unlock the doors with one tap on your phone.
Instead of keys a smart door lock requires passwords. You can set up unique passwords for your locks and share them with your friends and family to allow them access even when you are not at home. You will be alerted when they have unlocked and locked the doors of your home. You also do not have to worry about locking your doors while going for a weekend getaway. You may lock your doors even after you have left for the trip from your smart device. The best part is that with no keys the locks are not accessible to burglars.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is automated and requires less manual effort. You can control a smart thermostat using your phone, which is probably the biggest advantage that this offers as compared to a traditional thermostat. You can use your thermostat with voice commands if you have a voice assistant. Some have a built in feature, however, for some you may need a separate device. It gives you a report of the HVAC usage, set temperature, and other statistical data.
Geo fencing allows it to pick up your lifestyle patterns by observing your daily life and then it accordingly sets the temperature without manual interference. You can easily install a smart thermostat if it is compatible with your current HVAC system. However, you will need professional help at least once. A smart thermostat will work with your Wi-Fi so you don’t have any wiring clutter in your home.

Smart Smoke/CO Detector

Imagine a fire ruining your entire house. The thought is enough to send chills down your spine. You can avoid a horrific incident if you have smart smoke detectors. They have the ability to detect slightest smoke and any consequent CO poisoning. It is difficult to detect carbon monoxide gas because it does not have any odor or color. It can accumulate in your home poisoning you and your family without you realizing.
Smart smoke detectors will remain loyal to you for up to 10 years. You can enjoy a stress free night’s sleep with the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. Not only do they help you detect smoke, they also light your way while going to the kitchen for a mid-night snack, which is marvelous!
A smart home can be a convenient option for people who want a stress free and hassle free life. The best part is that it will take care of your home even if you are out; you will receive alerts on your phone so that you do not have to keep doubting whether or not you turned the stove and gas off when you go out.

It Is Time to Embrace Technology!

Smart homes can make your life very easy. However, don’t just jump on the bandwagon and start buying everything. Analyze your requirements and then gradually shift towards smart technology so it doesn’t overwhelm you.