6 Helpful Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Today, virtual events are on the rise and COVID-19 has proved to be a catalyst for it. A sudden surge in the demand for virtual events has been witnessed recently. As restrictions have been imposed on traveling and mass gatherings, organizations around the world have moved their events online. It helps businesses around the world to connect with remote employees, global delegates, clients, stakeholders, etc. in a digital environment. Organizations that have never thought about hosting internal and external events online, leverage virtual events to keep running. A comprehensive virtual event platform enables you to host any type of event in a virtual environment. Attendees can access the event seamlessly from the comfort of their own space irrespective of geographical location. The comprehensive engaging features offered by the platform keep the attendees hooked throughout the event.

Virtual event engagement is a crucial part to ensure the success of an online virtual event. The attendees are accessing the event from their screen which is not as stimulating as a physical event. With live physical events, attendees are surrounded by other attendees and interact seamlessly with them. But, keeping your virtual attendees engaged with your event throughout seems to be a daunting task for some.

By curating innovative virtual event ideas to improvise virtual event engagement, takes your online event to another level. However better engagement results in generating better-qualified leads and revenues. Engaging an audience with a virtual event is a must to ensure success. There are high chances that the audience can get distracted while attending a virtual event, if not thoroughly engrossed. You must have started thinking about how to enhance your virtual event engagement? What features can you introduce amid your events? And so on. To make your virtual event engaging, you need to keep your audience keep doing interesting activities amid sessions. Enable them to participate in the event fully by organizing various live polls, surveys, games, Q&A, quizzes, contests, etc. In this post, we have shared 6 helpful virtual event engagement ideas that might help to keep your attendees engaged. Time to get started!

Virtual event engagement Ideas

1. Organize Live Polls

Polling is one of the best virtual event ideas to amplify audience engagement. It offers more value to attendees as they feel their opinions are being valued. However, it results in having a positive impact on ROI. Introducing live polls and surveys amid long sessions is a brilliant idea to keep the virtual attendees engaged with the event. The polling results are displayed on the respective screen of the participants thus offering transparency. Apart from it, live polls are the easiest way for planners to interact with virtual attendees and gain valuable insights. Live polls can be introduced in any type of virtual event. It enables attendees to voice out their opinion in real-time, thus keeping them engaged with the event throughout. Live polls are counted as one of the effective virtual event engagement tools for the consistent engagement of attendees.

2. Introduce Games and quizzes amid Virtual Events

Introducing games amid events always work well, be it a physical event or a virtual one. Introduce games such as spin the wheel amid your virtual event to evoke an element of fun and excitement. However, it helps in keeping the attendees engaged with the event. You can offer virtual goodies to attendees during the event. Spin the wheel works well for branding and engaging purposes.

Apart from it, you can even try your hand at organizing quizzes amid virtual events. It helps in keeping attendees engaged and knowing how much knowledge they gained during the event. Design the quiz as per the theme of your event. Offering goodies to the winners of the quiz is a brilliant move to keep the spirit of attendees high. However, resulting in keeping them engaged.

3. Arrange Q&A sessions

Incorporating Q&A sessions amid your virtual events are a great way to boost virtual event engagement. It facilitates attendees to have interactions with the organizer in real-time via live chat functionality. Organize multiple-choice Q&A sessions to amplify better engagements and keep your attendees hooked with the event.

4. Introducing Photobooth is a brilliant virtual event idea

Introducing photo booths in your virtual events is one of the very innovative and exciting virtual event engagement ideas. It not only helps in enticing fun but works well for brand promotions as well. Photo booths facilitate virtual attendees to get clicked with the branded frames. Pictures clicked with virtual photo booths can easily be downloaded and shared across social media with friends and family. It helps in creating brand awareness as well as keeping attendees engaged with the event in the most fun way.

5. Leverage social media channels

Leveraging social media channels is one of the effective virtual event engagement ideas. A majority of the population are today active social media users. A virtual event that has great social media exposure is likely to get successful with increased attendance and amplified engagements. Use hashtags for your event and ask your audience to use the same hashtags while posting something related to the event. Offer possibilities to your attendees at an event to talk about it on social media. Before the actual date of your virtual event start organizing a contest on social media giving chance to participants to win something. Run social media contests pre and post-event to boost virtual event audience engagement.

6. Enable live audio and video chats

During live virtual events create an environment that matches the look and feel of on-ground events. Facilitate your virtual attendees to have one-on-one and group interactions in real-time via live audio and video chats. Virtual attendees can interact with speakers, hosts, and as well as other attendees in real-time. Utilize live audio & video chats in any type of virtual event be it a meeting, conference, tradeshow, or any other event to boost engagements. Live chat functionality enables attendees to clear out their queries and have one-on-one interaction with the representatives.

We hope this article will help you to amplify engagements at your virtual event. We have listed 6 brilliant virtual event ideas that you should include in your virtual event planning and strategy to boost your virtual event engagement.

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