6 Ways to Make Customized Holographic Boxes with the Help of Expert’s Advice

As the world progresses and advances in every area of ​​life, the packaging is also changing.

Traditional packaging concepts are being replaced with modern packaging

concepts in which the idea of holographic packaging is becoming more and more popular.

You can pack many items in these holographic boxes

and take your brand to the last level of success.

Importantly, for new businesses and those

who want to build a strong presence, a holographic packaging solution is best and recommended.

What is the Holographic Packaging Concept?

Before you learn about holographic boxes,

it is worth knowing the best concept of holographic packaging concept.

Dennis Gaber introduced the concept of holography in 1948 and received a high prize in physics for it.

Similarly, several well-known packaging manufacturing companies are now focusing

on this concept with significant demand from end-users.

The central theme behind holographic packaging is to print three-dimensional effects or images.

To create such packaging, unique embossed material is combined

to print special inks or pictures on the upper surface of the packaging.

This packaging is intended to attract consumers to the product or draw

attention to the crowded shelves. So, with this packaging, it’s possible.

Designing holographic boxes can be daunting for

first-time business people and small business owners.

Your skills increase operations, sales, and profits.

But as a start, you also want to save your resources and try to design your own.

Every design element needs meaning. It must have a purpose. Otherwise,

it is not effective in delivering your message and creating the desired brand impression.

To perform a purposeful design correctly,

you need to keep in mind some basic ways about these boxes described by experts:

Holographic Boxes


Every element in your wholesale holographic boxes should appeal to your customer

and lead to a message that the product or packaging will tell you about your company.

It starts with the text hidden inside or outside your box. Its style and size should work for your user.

The most extensive text is the one you want to read immediately.

The medium text then supports larger text, while smaller text is less preferable but adds to your overall message.

Typography is not just about your font or font size.

It would help if you also planned the spacing between letters, words, and sentences.

Choose Tenacity and Pleasant Colors.

How you want to represent the product depends on the colors you choose.

The choice should also be aligned according to your brand’s design style pattern.

If you don’t have a particular style guide or color combination representing

your brand’s vision, judge the kind of sentiment you want to attract from your target market.

Color combinations should be complementary or contrasting,

depending on what you crave for the design of the custom box.

To find out which colors work best together,

you can refer to the color theory and the status of each of the color wheels.

  • The opposite sides of the element complementary color wheel have two colors.
  • If you want to combine three similar colors, look for the same colors on the wheel.
  • You can get high contrast with three colors evenly placed on the wheel.
  •  Please keep it simple with a color combination based on three colors, tints, and colors.

Just Leave that Space.

Most holographic boxes USA arrive at the exterior and interior with empty

or minimal text and graphics. But like color and text, those spaces are open for some reason.

It emphasizes large text or draws the customer’s attention to your logo.

Smart use of space helps guide customers to what you want them to read, see and understand about your brand.

Designers refer to modern minimalism as how to effectively create and maximize space in the artwork.

Try to use the elimination method to get the most petite design:

Keep eliminating the elements in your first design draft until you eliminate only the essential, most important aspects.

Stay Tuned with Posts.

Decorating inside your box is a beautiful way to have fun. Create patterns that appeal to your market.

A feminine brand targeting teens can decorate entertaining shapes like hearts or flowers, sides, or flaps with fun.

Choose the Right Content.

Design custom printed holographic boxes with beautiful colors as the base.

Brown corrugated cardboard is a perfect match for brands selling natural, organic health,

or beauty products and the white version works for darker colors or clean, minimalist designs.

Take Inspiration from Vintage Design

Most commercial brands for h seem to be inspired, at least by their product design.

You can do just that with a vintage-inspired design.

Old-fashioned 1920s or 30s film titles include:

Extravagant scripts.

  • Font styling of vintage street art.
  • Creative typography in tin boxes containing candy or cosmetics.

It was all done by hand,

so artists had more freedom and motivation to decorate the letters.









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