7 places in Vietnam that are a visual treat to the eyes

In most cases Vietnam is very underrated by all tourists, but once people visit Vietnam is when true wonders are discovered. It has more than 1 dramatic landscapes that will take your breath away. Covered with abundant natural beauties, Vietnam is home to white-sand beaches, endless caves, limestone mountains, terraced rice fields, and a cluster of ancient cities. This south Asian country is capable of surprising you with its gems, here is a curated list of places in Vietnam that makes your trip memorable and unique.

Phú Quốc – Lowkey, pepper plantations, a national park and beautiful white sand beaches- what more do you need? Located on the Gulf of Thailand towards the southern side of Vietnam, you can engage in a lot of water sports, trekking trails and sunbathing on this island. This island is relatively undeveloped and untouched by tourists and is home to a lot of iconic gushing waterfalls. This island is your perfect getaway from the busy mainland. Note: it underwent a lot of restoration and construction recently to increase the flood of tourists for the upcoming years. 

Sa Pa – this natural beauty is located very close to Vietnam’s highest peak – Phang xi pang. Sapa offers relaxing and adventurous time while you are here. Tourists who visit either go on a cable car till the summit of Mount Fansipan or visit the local tribes- H’Mong people for homestays and guided tours. then right outside sapa you could visit the silver waterfalls which give you breathtaking views of the tram ton pass. 

Ha Long Bay – declared a world heritage site in1994 and one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature, this beauty is located in the Gulf of Tonkin. Giving you scope for abundant cave adventures, cruised on the crystal azure waters, floating fishing villages and kayaking adventures by the cliffs- Halong bay is the most prized possession in Vietnam. No matter what be sure to spend a good amount of time here exploring the nature trails and the dramatic landscape. It will be worthwhile for sure! 

Mekong Delta – The Mekong river flows through this place as it makes its way to south china sea, and is also referred to as the ‘rice bowl’. These places give you a taste of the perfect amount of culture and nature. This island is a part of South Vietnam and is full of rivers, mangrove forests, lush greenery, fertile soils and a cluster of other small islands. 

Sơn Đoòng Cave – this island is home to the largest cave passage in the world stretching close to more than 5 k.m. and is located on the borders of Vietnam and Laos. it is believed that this cave is going to be under construction for a cable car to increase the number of tourists here in the coming years. Fun fact: this cave can accommodate a block of the new york city. Get your adventure pants on and go on thus unparalleled cave walk. 

Côn Đảo Islands – this island is known to be the largest of the lot from the Con Dao islands. Take a historic trip to this island by tracing the role of this island during the Indochina war. It was once where the french were held prisoners and executed. It also happens to be the spot where Vietnam’s national heroine passed away at the age of 19. Apart from enjoying the iconic beaches here, you can pay her tomb and museum a visit if you are interested. 

Huế – Once upon a time this city was the capital city and now it is known to be Vietnam’s historic city that has most preserved ancient tales. Even though this city was a victim to a lot of natural disasters, the old city remains to be intact currently and is well preserved. While you are here be sure to visit the 19th-century temples, ancient citadel, Perfume River and the set of tombs of former Nguyen dynasty emperors nearby. If you are interested you can also visit the tomb of the ancient emperor Khai Dinh as well. You are most likely to witness the work here to resemble Chinese architecture. 

You would have to add Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Đà Lạt as well to this list as it would be a crime not to explore these gem of places in Vietnam. Given two of them are prime cities, they also have great cultural and historic places to see. On the contrary, you could visit  Đà Lạt for the perfect hill station effect. With this we have come to an end, hoping you get some inspirational ideas to plan your Vietnam trip with this! Go explore Vietnam travel packages and explore this beauty! 

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