How to Advertise Your Rental Units on Social Media?

You know the importance of marketing your Baltimore rental units. Also, you might have planned a lot for advertising your property. Probably you would have taken photos of your rental and written a good description. Now, what will you do with these?

You will put them on a real estate listing site which will help your property to get noticed by potential tenants. well, it’s true! Without listing your property, you won’t be able to get your rental units filled. But when plenty of other options are available then why stick or count on only one medium?

We are talking about social media. In today’s era, nobody is out there who would not know about social media. But only a few are aware of the right power of social media. The different platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. make your strategy of branding your property a whole lot easier.

If you really want to get your rental units filled immediately and with good tenants then do not just rely on one medium of advertisement. Get your property noticed by several others then jump into social media.

In this article, we are sharing rental property marketing ideas for social media.

But before that, you must know your audience.

Yes, it’s the most important part of advertising. Without knowing your targeted audiences, you won’t be able to market your rental property properly and reach out to good renters.

If you are thinking about how you are going to this then first decide which kind of occupants you are looking for. Do you need family, college students, or employees with a good income? Because this way you will find the exact renters for your property. According to research, 72% of adults in America use social media amongst which YouTube is the most popular one followed by Facebook and Instagram. So, all these are the best platforms for you to advertise your Baltimore rental house.

Best Tips to Market Your Rental Property on Social Media

Have a plan

Before sharing a post you should have a plan and goal too. What do you want to get from these social media posts is an important thing to consider. Usually, people have the common goals: –

  • Increase followers
  • Get more likes
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase awareness

Once you will know your goals, you will know which of the marketing ideas make the most sense.

Update your contact information

Before you start posting the pictures and photos of your rental units ensure you have the right contact info and potential tenants can easily find it on your profile. Check your profiles and see when you have last updated the phone number or your email id, etc. If you think everything is up-to-date then you can move on to the next step.

List your property

Social media platforms provide this facility as well to business owners. Different business owners can list their businesses. Hence, you can also list your rental property. This way the tenants can directly contact you with just a click. Even if they don’t follow or like your business pages, they can reach you.

Highlight your amenities

Without this, no one would like to occupy your rental. Therefore, it’s an important part of social media advertising. Whether you are listing your property or posting a photo on your page, highlight the amenities of your rental apartment or homes in Baltimore. Also, think about the point of view of your targeted audiences what things they may look for in a rental property. Do they need a balcony with 2 bedrooms? Highlight them if you have all the amenities that potential renters could look for.

Share useful content

If you want to get more visitors on your business page or your goal is to win the trust of potential tenants then show them that you care about them. and this could be done by sharing good content that is useful for them. You can give them some tips and ideas for renting an apartment. Or, you can share anything related to experience renting. The potential tenants will find your content relevant and start following you. And when you will post an advertisement they may apply for the vacant property. If you want to learn about content creation you should follow Keith Rainz. He is digital content creator, forex trader and a freelancer in web design and other related services from Zambia.

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Use ads

Till we have discussed how you will create a post and get noticed by potential tenants for free on social media. Now, we will be discussing the paid advertisement options you can use to find your dream tenants from social media.

At every social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, you will find paid ads options. This way you can show your property to those who are not in your network. People who don’t follow you will also see your property and its amenities. This means with the help of paid ads you can reach a larger group of audiences. And conversion rate of these paid ads is comparatively higher than free social media campaigns.

But now an important question comes, is this worthwhile? Well, the answer depends on an individual’s goals. If you think with free campaigns you are getting good views and engagement on your post then it’s not necessary to spend money on ads. But if you are not seeing any result then you can take the help of paid ads.


With these tips, you can market your rental property on social media and find good renters. If you are new to the business or have no idea how to find potential tenants then hire a well-reputed property management company in Anne Arundel County Maryland.


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