Does The Android AppLock App Really Protect Your Data and Privacy?

Nowadays Smartphone’s have become our best companion that holds a lot of our personal information ranging from our images, videos, documents to our banking and other confidential information.  Apart from that we have integrated our email account, social media accounts to it. Now since your Smartphone is a personal device therefore there is no harm in storing all such vital information, till the phone is with you. However, if some other person gets access to your phone then you must become worried about all your data like your private images, videos, personal chats, emails etc.

Yes, you have a lock on your phone which is either a pin, pattern, fingerprint sensor or face recognition, however isn’t it a better idea to have a dual protection system on your Smartphone to protect the data stored on your phone.

A dual protection layer that secures all your apps and obviously the data stored inside them with a password. And what would be better than an Android AppLock that locks your apps with a dedicated password that you have only access to.

But many people doubt the usefulness of app lockers for Android and question whether they really protect your data and privacy. If you too have some questions and doubts then believe me you are at the right place. So without further ado let’s start with the process on how app lockers for Android work.

How AppLocker for Android Works

When we talk about the functionality of AppLock, then it provides an additional security that sits on top of your installed apps and protects the data inside them with a pin or pattern.

This means that in case your phone is unlocked or you have handed it to your friend to make a call then you do not need to worry about your personal information, as all your apps are locked by AppLocker. In short a AppLocker works exactly like the primary lock screen on your app, but instead of locking your entire phone it locks the individual apps. So in short an app lock adds an extra layer of security to your apps.

However, most of the Smartphone does not come with an AppLock, so you need to install it from Play Store. So here are our top 3 picks that we have tested.

AppLock – Fast App Locker with Pattern & Passcode

applockAlthough there are many apps on the Internet that claim to secure user’s data however, AppLock -Fast AppLocker with Pattern & Passcode developed by Systweak is one such app that delivers what it promises by securing your apps with just a single click.

How Does AppLock-Fast AppLocker with Pattern & Passcode help you to secure your data?

  1. To get started with AppLock-Fast AppLocker with Pattern & Passcode app, firstly you need to install it from Play Store by clicking here.
  2. Once the app is installed, either set a 4-digit Passcode or set a pattern lock, and reconfirms it.
  3. Now set a recovery email address to recover your Passcode in case you forget your pattern/Passcode.
  4. Next start locking your apps, by tapping on the lock icon next to it.(Provide the necessary permission when asked).

That’s it

Now all your apps are secured with a Passcode that only you have access to.

Salient features of AppLock -Fast AppLocker with Fingerprint & Passcode app:

  • Ability to lock any app installed on your Smartphone.
  • Two different lock options, Passcode and pattern.
  • Easy recovery option in case you forget your existing Passcode.
  • Easy-To-Use even for novice users.
  • Do not share your data with third-parties.
  • Ad-free, light-weight. And free to use.

AppLock by DoMobile

AppLock by DoMobile

Another famous AppLocker for your Android mobile is AppLock developed by DoMobile. With over 5,000,000 installs and average rating of 4.2 this app helps you to secure all your apps with password, pattern, and fingerprint lock.

Once installed and set it up you do not have to worry about your personal Whatsapp chats, Facebook messages, images and other documents from the eyes of your snoopy friends.

Salient features of Applock:

  • Various options to lock apps that include password, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
  • Incognito browser.
  • Timer to automatically lock or unlock apps.
  • Automatic lock/unlock based on the location.
  • Hide AppLock icon
  • Random keyboard to prevent other people from looking at your pin code
  • Prevent uninstalling apps

Note: The app contains ads and offers in-app purchase.

Smart Applock Pro

Smart Applock Pro

With our Smartphone’s holding sensitive information within the apps like banking information, messages, images, Smart Applock Pro by Tritons App helps you to lock all your apps with a password/pin, pattern along with a hidden vault.

Salient features of Smart Applock app are as follows:

  • Advance Protection to prevent the uninstallation of the app.
  • Take photos automatically when someone tries to unlock the application with the wrong pin, password or pattern.
  • Strong security by setting 4 digit, 6 digit pin along with a pattern password
  • Hide or invisible your pattern locks.

Does The Android AppLock App Really Protect Your Data and Privacy?

Now after discussing the basic functionality of the app lockers for Android and summing up the top 3 apps, it’s time to discuss the question that we have raised in the starting of the article, that does Android AppLock apps really help a user in protecting their data. So the answer is both yes and no.

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As it is important to note that although AppLock apps provide you with an extra layer of security to your data, however they are not a full proof solution to secure your data and privacy. These apps can be more than handy when it comes to protecting your personal information from the kids and snoopy users, however they do not provide much assistance when you have lost your phone or against the scammers or your other tech savvy friends.

So, to cut a long story short these apps can help you to enhance the basic security by locking the apps with a password/pattern along with your screen/phone lock.

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