Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR

Athena EMR Features

Here is the List of Athena EMR Features.

Practice Management

The Practice Management section of AthenaHealth EMR is where clinicians can manage their schedules, appointments, and tasks. Clinicians can communicate with patients through the messaging center in the practice management section. Patients can access their personal health records (PHRs) to track medications and appointments in this section. The Practice Management section also allows clinicians to manage referrals from other healthcare providers or pharmacies.

Revenue Cycle Management

AthenaHealth’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution empowers providers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare environment. RCM helps you manage your revenue cycle by automating tasks and providing information that you need at the right time, so you can focus on delivering better care.

  • Automation: AthenaHealth’s RCM solution integrates with other systems within your organization, such as billing and financial systems, so you can use one tool to automate complex processes across your organization—from collecting payments from patients to paying vendors and employees. In addition to automating manual tasks, this integration enables real-time collaboration between departments and quick responses when exceptions arise.
  • Information: AthenaHealth’s RCM solution gives providers insight into each step of their revenue cycle process—from patient registration through billing—in order to provide accurate reporting and analysis for research purposes or benchmarking against industry standards

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a top priority for our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Patient portals are an important part of that priority, allowing patients to view their medical history, communicate with doctors, and even send secure messages between the patient and doctor.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help improve your EMR solution, contact us today!

Mobile Capabilities

AthenaHealth has a mobile app for both physicians and nurses. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, so you can use it on your smart phone or tablet.

The AthenaHealth mobile app allows you to securely access patient information while on the go, and even order lab tests if needed without ever having to leave the room. This is done by connecting to Athena’s secure cloud-based server with one tap of a button.


Telehealth is the delivery of care through telecommunications technologies.

This can be as simple as a video conference call between a patient and their doctor, but it can also include remote monitoring devices that allow patients to check in on their health remotely.

There are many benefits to telehealth, including:

  • Improved access to care for people who live in underserved areas where there are not enough primary-care providers or specialists available locally. These individuals can still receive high-quality care from thousands of miles away at any time of day or night.
  • In addition to improving access to care for rural populations, telemedicine offers many benefits for urban communities too—especially those with limited transportation options due to weather conditions (snowstorms), disability status, or simply because they don’t want the hassle of getting into town every day after work!

Athena EMR Reviews

Athena EMR system reviews cover a wide range of opinions. Some users are delighted with the software, while others find it difficult to use. The biggest problem seems to be that the software is constantly changing, which can cause problems for users. In addition, some customers have complained about poor customer service and support issues.

Centricity EMR Features

Streamline workflows

Centricity EMR seamless interoperability minimizes the need for data entry, thus streamlining workflows and increasing provider efficiency. In addition, it features a comprehensive patient engagement feature that helps strengthen financial performance.

Seamless Interoperability

Seamless interoperability with your existing systems is a vital part of any EHR implementation. This means that you should be able to integrate with your current data, technology and training, expertise and more. 

Increase provider efficiency

Our EMR is designed to help you improve your workflow and streamline the patient experience. Integrated features are seamlessly integrated into our platform, allowing you to seamlessly exchange information between your office and other healthcare providers. Our easy-to-use system allows you to personalize care plans for each patient while providing them with a single point of access to their medical records anytime from anywhere.

With an intuitive interface that adapts based on what you need at any given moment, we offer an unparalleled level of flexibility in your practice management software. Whether it’s managing patients in the exam room or entering orders for medication refills, our EHR makes it simple for everyone involved in the care process: from front office staff members who need easy-to-read charts on demand; physicians who want seamless interoperability between locations; nurses who rely on fast access when treating patients; or pharmacists that want direct access for refilling prescriptions—Centricity EHR provides all this and more!

Flexible. Comprehensive. Patient engagement.

  • Flexible. Comprehensive. Patient engagement.

These are the three pillars of our philosophy, and they guide everything we do at Centricity EMR. From the way we develop software to the way we support our customers, every decision is made with these values in mind.

Strengthen Financial performance

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve patient experience

You’ll get all of this and more. With a single system that supports multiple locations, you can:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors across the entire organization. Centralize billing, scheduling, and other core hospital operations to improve patient experience while reducing errors in data entry and transcription. The result is an increase in revenue cycle efficiency (RCE). A better RCE means more money for your bottom line.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining workflow with real-time visibility across every location or department—all within one customizable platform—without compromising security or compliance standards.

Integration Capabilities

  • Integration with Meditech and Epic.
  • Integration with Cerner, Allscripts, and other EMR systems.

Centricity EMR Reviews

According to user reviews posted on 3 recognized software review sites, Centricity EMR has a ‘GOOD’ User Satisfaction Rating of 76%.


Athena’s powerful integrations and special features are remarkable. It comes at a cost though. Centricity has great documentation and is pretty easy to use, which makes it a preferred choice for small practices that need a user-friendly EMR. The platform will never be as powerful or mature as its counterpart, Athena. Both EMRs and it just comes down to practice preferences at the end of the day.

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