Baby Sleep Training Guide You Need To Know


    Handling a Newborn baby is a great feeling for all the loving mothers. From feeding, pacifying and putting to sleep, mothers do it with utmost love and care. If you are a new mother, then it is worrying if the baby does not sleep properly. You may have many thoughts, such as whether the baby is healthy or not.

    Many mothers blame themselves for not able to put the infant to sleep. However, the truth is all this is normal. Newborns may not sleep as you expect. Few tips can help you to put your baby to sleep. Let us see the training guide to get the baby to sleep.

    The complete guide to putting a newborn to sleep

    The right way to swaddle

    The newborn babies feel a falling sensation when they are in the saddle. Even the slightest jerk can disturb the baby’s sleep. To avoid this, you need to keep the saddle tight. This helps the baby to get a deep and good sleep. Even if the baby doesn’t like to sleep on the saddle, practice them to get used to it.

    Try to dream feed the baby.

    Feeding the baby before sleep is called dream feeding. This method avoids the baby from waking up in the middle of the night. Moms or dads can feed their baby before going to sleep. The stomach of a newborn is very small. If you want to dream feed, then feed them dinner at 7 pm. This way if you put the baby to sleep at 9.30, he or she will eat. If you feed the dinner after 8 pm, then the baby stomach will be full, and the infant will wake up in the middle of the night.

    Reduce the number of naps during the day

    It is tough to limit the naps of your baby during the daytime. However, a long daytime sleep can ruin the baby night sleep. Play with the baby, feed and keep him awake during the day. If you think the baby needs longer naps during the day, then you can increase the total napping time up to 2.5 hours. Break up the nap time and ensure that every nap is not above 30 min. If you follow the day nap pattern properly, then it is easy to put the baby to sleep at night.

    Provide a peaceful environment

    If the house is noisy, then it is hard for the baby to get a good night’s sleep. Ensure that the appliances in your house are not noisy. You can keep the fan in medium mode to give a peaceful sleep to the infant. Baby ears are sensitive and the slightest sound can disturb their sleep.

    Follow the eat, play, sleep routine.

    Infants have the habit of eating after getting up from sleep. After eating, they get the full energy to play, and after draining the energy, they sleep peacefully. This pattern is useful for the baby to sleep. Therefore, do not feed dinner just before sleep. Feed the baby 3 hours before sleep and in between allow the baby to play. This drains their energy, and they are more likely to sleep peacefully.


    The baby sleep training guide is not only useful for babies to get a good sleep but for the parents also. For more information please follow us here Therefore, try out these tips and help the infant to get a peaceful sleep.