Critics Pick the Best 2021 Films (So Far)

Here is a list of the best 2021 films that you shouldn’t miss watching at any cost:

Best 2021 Films

All Light, Everywhere

This documentary by Theo Anthony is all about confronting the pervasive presence of the automated surveillance that we all have in our lives. It has its target as a focus group that wears hard-to-believe tracking devices. In the doc, there’s a leading U.S. body camera manufacturer, a classroom where the police officers of Baltimore receive training with all the details of using these cameras. There also is a company that has specialized itself in the technique of aerial surveillance. Viewers will be shocked to see what is waiting for them in the end.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

This is one of the Best 2021 Films and is nothing but a sweet screwy comedy when two single friends in their midlife are visiting a resort in Florida. The outcome of this movie was where the friendship of the two was tested amidst a romantic adventure. The movie is adventurous and also has a strange villain in the film.

I Carry You with Me

This movie involves two Mexican men with a cross border romantic relationship; this film is all about artistic touch and an intelligent blend of fictitious and nonfictional components, making it a powerful, passionate political drama that has a shocking end.

Top 10 Hollywood Movies of 2021 So Far

In the Heights

This film is a big-screen adaptation of a play by Lin-Manuel Miranda and pays a moving tribute to a New York City neighbourhood and its people. However, director Jon M. Chu has given far more energy to this film through the musical numbers. Not to mention, Anthony Ramos steals the show as the narrator-protagonist.


This gorgeous drama is about a homosexual military conscript who strives to remain unseen; Oliver Hermanus has investigated apartheid-era South Africa’s toxic masculinity and the twin forces of racism and homophobia that nourished it.

Quo Vadis, Aida?

It is a tragic movie that delves into the horrors of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war. These events unfold in 1995 at Srebrenica, when seen through the eyes of a United Nations interpreter (Jasna Djuricic) who, by the way, excellent work in this event Bosnian Serb forces ended up slaughtering almost 7,000 civilians.

Saint Maud

It is a claustrophobic British thriller directed by Rose Glass; Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle portray a nurse and a patient. This movie has quite clever, frightening, and with its peculiar aura, Clark as a protagonist, is the one to applaud for performing with not just delicacy but fury.


This affecting debut doc from Elizabeth Lo does for Istanbul’s dogs what 2017’s Kedi did for the Turkish city’s cats. The earlier film was soothing and hopeful, while this one pierces — illuminating, through its canines’ adventures, the economic and political divisions and cultural hierarchies of our time.

Test Pattern

This debut by Shatara Michelle Ford follows a Black lady and her white lover after her rape. Here you’ll find a simple love drama turning into something complicated, pushing us to explore the various ways in which power dynamics are capable of turning out in an interracial relationship.

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This movie explores a quick friendship, and early trust built due to social media’s influence on us and our communication. The director of the film, Janicza Bravo, and Slave Play playwright Jeremy O. Harris have cleverly reworked this story from a 2015 Twitter storm in which Detroit exotic dancer A’Ziah King detailed a terrible Florida road trip. Lead actors Taylour Paige and Riley Keough gave a stellar performance.

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