Building Brand Authenticity With Customer Reviews

Brand trust is a crucial factor in any business. Companies spend millions of dollars and run extensive campaigns to boost brand reputation, increase brand awareness and showcase brand authenticity. The reasons are nothing too convoluted to understand, however. In a survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, trust is a major issue for both traditional and online consumers. The recent pandemic has brought about a drastic shift in consumer outlook as people are now seeking better value & well-being.

Customer feedback is an excellent and effective factor that can make or break any brand.  A study conducted by Power Reviews shows that 80% of online consumers seek both positive & negative reviews to determine the brand’s authenticity and reliability.

Following are some quick tips to build brand authenticity using authentic customer reviews.

1. Employ Syndicate Reviews

Use syndicated reviews from reputed ranking, review aggregating, e-commerce or any other websites to boost reputation and build awareness. Whether, you are a seller, manufacturer or provider, you can use the reviews garnered on affiliate, partner or other websites to boost brand reputation.

Many assignment writing services share authentic user reviews posted on My assignment help review, one of the largest syndicated review aggregators in the online academic writing industry to build credibility and better trust with their customers.

2. Social Media Campaigning

Highlighting positive customer reviews and good ratings on social media platforms can take your brand places. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & even YouTube can expose any brand to a diverse audience, niche or mass.

Showcase your best-reviewed products & services on social platforms and attain instant attention from the masses. With more than 4.2 billion active social media users across different platforms, using authentic reviews to build your brand’s authenticity on these platforms can bring about landmark changes in your business’ reach.

3. Offer better content, garner better reviews and build better trust.

Positive reviews and ratings showcase values, ethics and reliability on a business. Consumers will naturally lean towards companies that boast more & frequent positive feedback. An excellent way to get more positive reviews, besides offering quality products & services, is by providing top-notch content.

Engagingly design your webpages, deliver accurate information and offer all the appropriate amenities to make an excellent & long-lasting impression on audience minds. Unique content, coupled with quality services, guarantee better reviews and help develop greater trust.

4. Boost trust and credibility through increased customer engagement

Building better authenticity requires better reviews and better reviews require better engagement. Offer content and services that drive engagement and easier methods to provide feedback. Streamline your customer feedback mechanism to produce better reviews more often. Progressive feedback systems, email feedback systems and visual feedback system are excellent ways to persuade and convince consumers to deliver feedback.

It is all about building trust, so always resort to best practices while collecting user data. Moderating the feedback system will ensure that your consumers read-only genuine & verified reviews.

5. Try to acquire expert endorsements.

Reviews & ratings from experts, famous faces and online personalities can be an excellent certificate of approval for any brand. Try to get expert endorsements for your products and showcase the support & patronage on your websites, retail partner site & on affiliate pages.

Expert endorsements and patronage from famous personalities are guaranteed to reinforce your brand authenticity, boost engagement and generate more leads.

And, that rounds up this particular write-up. Here’s hoping all the information herein gives you an inkling about building an authentic brand with reviews. All the best!

Summary: Go through this write-up to discover how to grow a brand’s authenticity with reviews and customer feedback.

Author-Bio: Keira is an online marketing professional and social media analyst from a major publicity & advertisement firm in Maine, the USA.  In her free time, he helps students with their marketing assignments only at She is also contributer on

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