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Casual is the New Cool


Comfort is the Key –

Now a days comfortable is the new cool. After all, who said you cannot be comfortable while staying in trend? Stylish and comfortable as anything, classic ladies slippers can go well with any of your casual outfits. No matter if It’s your favourite Pyjamas for your sleepover at your best friends house, or even if it is the casual joggers with a crisp t-shirt combined with a classic, trendy cap and a pair of cool slippers. The thing is, it’ll never fail to make you look just as stylish as you are comfortable. I know you might be thinking what’s the comfort all about if you have to get up grab your keys and go to the nearest store to grab some cool, new sliders. But well, there’s a better solution keeping your comfort in mind. And the Answer is… Online Shopping. Now you can laze off and chill and not worry about a thing because your cool, new stuff will be delivered to you at your doorstep. And the surprise is, that’s not even the best part. We roam around from stores to stores in search of a new and better deal, but with Online Shopping, everything comes to us. Deals, offers, discounts and what not, and we can get our favourite stuff all from the comfort of our own home for the best price, so we can relax and focus on the more important things

Life is smoooooth, isn’t it!

The Midnight smoke for the Moon Childs –

There is something about the night sky that is just so beautiful that it keeps the Night’s Children up. Often, there is a direct relationship in between the people’s love for the night and their obsession with the colour black. It just goes hand in hand. There’s a special vibe or feel that each colour gives off, which in turn, attracts different people to different colours. And what’s Black’s speciality? Class, Mystery and the ability to look good with anything and everything and literally at any place and any time! So why not go all black and get yourself the stylish Midnight smoke lightweight black ladies slippers and kill the casual look with comfort and style. Well I know that the pandemic has put up quite a few restrictions in a few, normal day to day activities but you don’t need to sweat it and risk going out and getting yourself a new pair of cool sliders or maybe that classic t shirt you were willing to buy since so long. Get it all home delivered via online shopping and forget about it!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S for Life –

Yes, I know! Who isn’t a stan for this show! It’s like a loop, once you start watching it, there’s no turning back. You keep on re watching it again and again. That is just how awesome this show is, you just can’t have enough! Be it Joey’s famous ‘How you doin’ or Chandler’s sarcasm, there is just something about this show that has us all head over heels for it! Now I heard that you had a sleepover at your bestie’s place this weekend right? Now I know you both love F.R.I.E.N.D.S as well, so how about you walk it like you talk it with a pair of gorgeous and super comfy F.R.I.E.N.D.S ladies slippers. Wait? You’re already having a series marathon? Oh, you also don’t want to go out? Ahh, it’s alright, what good is Online shopping for if It can’t help us lazy people. Well, honestly, it’s not even about being lazy but being a smart worker!

So Kudos, Just Click click and forget it!

There’s always one for the stoners –

Well, there’s one global phenomena that unites stoners all over the world. Yes, it’s called Peace. Honestly, something that this world will be much better with. So if you’re a stoner you’re all for it, and even if you aren’t one, who doesn’t like the concept of peace and love? It’s something more than a phenomenon but much rather a religion. So dress it and mean it, promote peace with the classic and comfy ‘Bliss Shanti’ lightweight ladies slippers. Lightweight slippers aren’t just lighter but much, much more durable than the ordinary ones, Plus, we cannot deny the fact that classic, designer sliders do look amazingly cool as well!

Get the classic collection of cool, funky and comfy sliders for men and women online for the best price and the very best quality in the market. After all, not all luxuries are pricey and not all pricey things are luxury!