Considering a Hair Transplant in Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Know

Trying to decide whether you should get a hair transplant in Dubai or not? You’re not alone. Countless men struggle with thinning hair, and they have to make the decision of whether or not to go through the expensive and time-consuming procedure of having the hair on their head permanently restored. But before you make your choice, there are some things that you need to know about getting a hair transplant in Dubai, and we will cover them here so that you can make an informed decision.

The Cons of Getting a Hair Transplant in Dubai

As is true with most medical procedures, there are risks associated with getting a hair transplant. All surgeries carry some risk of bleeding and infection. In addition, hair transplants can lead to scarring and in rare cases death due to anesthesia complications. Be sure you’re 100% committed before moving forward because once it’s done, it cannot be undone.

Don’t worry – not all hair transplant center in Dubai are created equal.

Proven Tips for Choosing an Experienced FUE Surgeon

An important aspect of choosing your FUE surgeon is that they have extensive experience with harvesting donor hair and grafting it on your head. The risk involved with hair transplants is much higher than many other cosmetic procedures, so you should be sure that your surgeon has performed hundreds of these procedures. Ask for photos of previous patients who were satisfied with their results—and also ask them how many other patients were not satisfied (if any). It’s good for you to know both sides because it helps give you an accurate representation of what will happen for you. Just make sure that what you see looks natural and not like there was a plug left behind.

Medical Tourism Can Be Convenient, but There Are Risks Involved

Today, many medical services are available outside of a patient’s home country. The benefit to traveling for services is that it can be convenient and easy for patients who want or need specific procedures performed. There are also risks with traveling for surgery. If you do decide to go through with getting your hair transplant done overseas, make sure you do as much research as possible beforehand. Not only will doing some homework before visiting your surgeon help you find one that’s trustworthy, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that if there were ever any complications after your procedure, doctors near where you live would know exactly how to treat them because they’re used to seeing similar cases from other patients like you.

Consider Other Procedures Such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

A hair transplant procedure will start at about $3,000. This is significantly less than prices in Western countries. But that doesn’t mean you should be quick to book an appointment—you should always do your research first. Once you’ve gotten your consultation and are ready for treatment, budget roughly $2,500 for a transplanted hair follicle session with top surgeons. However, if you prefer an FUE or follicular unit extraction rather than a transplant, prices will range from $5,000–$15,000+ depending on which technique is used and whether multiple sessions are required to get what you want.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai?

If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant, but are unsure how much it costs, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on where you live. A hair transplant is not covered by insurance. Due to high demand from American citizens living overseas, medical tourism clinics have cropped up all over Asia and Europe—especially in Turkey and India. Both countries offer top-tier surgeons at less than half of what U.S. citizens pay for similar services at home. Going abroad for cosmetic surgery does involve risks—and it may not be for everyone—but if price is your primary concern then these are good places to start looking into your options.

Choosing an Experienced FUE Surgeon Is Key To Avoid Post-Op Complications

FUE hair transplants can sometimes lead to scarring and low-quality results when performed by less experienced surgeons. It is crucial that you choose an experienced hair transplant center if you want successful results. Hairline International has been performing hair transplants since 2002, so they are one of the most experienced hair transplant centers in Dubai.

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