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Six ways to come up with new content ideas


Writing a blog post is an essential component for the content marketing of either business or the website. Several new writers have asked me new ways to come up with content ideas. Because they require a starting point while learning how to create a Wikipedia page. The strategies that are going to be shared here are not limited to the blog posts only. You can use it with articles, podcasts, or even E-books. These ways and ideas can be helpful for the video content in any blog or social media. The below list is the top way to enhance the new content concepts.

Topic list in bunches:

It is best to be in a problem-solving environment before you continue trying to brainstorm marketing concepts. You are trying to fix the issues and answer the industry-related questions. In other words, when you are looking for topics, you are looking for questions that need to be answered. It might be questioned, which individuals ask themselves; or answers they are looking for, or things they just wonder about.

If you think you will sit and start writing just like that, you are mistaken. The content requires researches and topic that is useful and required for that time. You need to sit and list down the topics you want to write about and then start searching for the topic.

Social networking followers:

For brainstorming, social networking sites are useful. They give you plenty of ideas, trendy topics people are searching for, or curious to know more about. You can go through your friend’s pages and look for what people are specifically talking about. It will not only help you build confidence but will help you to write on certain topics that will be read by many readers.

There are different platforms like Quora or Quikr, where you can observe the questions and their topics. What wider audience wants to know or for what they are anxious about. This will give you another way towards your topic idea and research.

Blog comments:

Check all the posts for feedback. Moreover, if you are not able to create something new, you must do it. It offers you the chance to speak to your crowd. Respond to your comments also. If people want to talk in the comment section, the questions may serve as titles for a new subject. Such comments can be fantastic sources of inspiration. To make it nice to SEO just tweak a few terms or so. Irrespective of what your target audience is thinking, I am sure you can produce at least one or two ideas from each article you share in this forum. It is almost never-ending, the best thing about this source. Therefore, as long as you continue to write new content, the comments still contain fresh ideas. They will give you trendy topics every time you read them.

You can also find some pages that publish all the recent updates about news, trends, tips, and topics that your readers enjoy. Look for the most entertaining articles: reviews, posts, thoughts, and so on. You will feel hot topics and popular things. Write content on certain subjects and seek either to add a new viewpoint or to extend what has been explored.

Conduct Interviews:

To know about an individual’s thoughts and concepts, you need to ask the right questions to them. This will not only tell you things they want to know but the concept they want to build upon. It does not have to be specific, the wonderful thing about an interview. With a definitive yes or no answer, you do not need to have a straightforward black or white question.

You must seek different platforms where you can interact with wide masses. You would be surprised if any of these comments were significant. Without even knowing it, respondents will start feeding you unique or innovative content ideas. Your interviews are in the best interest. Then, instead of frenziedly attempting to write stuff down as someone talks, you will look at them later on.

Competitor Website:

You can also go through the website of your competitor, through this you will not only know topics of their discussion but also where you are lacking. It will help you to improvise your topics and content for the future. See their updates and continue researching subjects that you have not even covered yet. You have an enormous advantage here because you can do better than your own post on the same subject.

Recent Event:

You might not want to disclose breaking news depends entirely on your brand. Yet you will certainly find means of making it creatively informative for the audience in the content. Seek to find out how you could make these issues important to your company while you are looking at the news or read information from an online outlet. Look up your industry-related local conferences or regional trade shows. Provide information on the case to the viewer. It will educate them about the recent events and effects of the events.