Custom Neon Signs – Things You Need to Know

Custom neon signs are custom made signs that consist of an individual sign, a neon tube containing the neon gas and neon lights that make up the light source of the sign. The signs can be used to create a distinct image or just as a backdrop to a product or service.

Neon signs can be used in corporate locations, advertising trade shows, exhibition booths and transport signs, such as lorry signs and bus signs. Such signs are used as a striking element in any business location and can create a distinctive look to a business.

Neon Signs for Vehicles & Transport

Bus and lorry signs are used as directional markers for vehicles traveling through tunnels and railways, which use high-speed passenger vehicles to travel. They are used to direct traffic and safety as well as to provide the right information to the public. There are large sizes and bright colours used in lorry and bus signs to provide a sense of urgency and visibility for the driver.

Lorry signs are used at major motorway junctions where drivers pass through. The lorry signs consist of a lorry driving along the sign and the words ‘No Right Turn’ in bright blue and white lettering. They can also be seen on dual carriageways where vehicles will need to turn left. The sign is lit up so that drivers can see it clearly.

Cost Effected

Signage can be either low cost or high cost depending on the location of the signage. They should be positioned in such a way that it is visible and easy to read. These signs may also be used for advertising of a business and should be visible from the public places such as businesses, shopping centres, government buildings, schools and universities.

They can be used for real estate advertisements, sale and purchase of commercial buildings, business promotion, and advertising products and services. The colors used should be bold and bright to attract customers to the business. These signs are a popular choice for advertising because they are clear, easily seen and the signs are very cheap.

Once the custom neon lights are installed, they need to be maintained. Be sure to maintain them with proper cleaning and maintenance to avoid fading and discoloration. Over time, signs can become dirty and this can cause them to get discoloured and worn out.

You can purchase an adhesive to remove the signs, but this will require a good maintenance routine. Regular cleaning of the signs with a brush will keep them looking clean and shining.

There are a lot of ways that custom neon signs can be used for business related purposes. From promoting events to just bringing in more customers to helping increase your visibility, these are but a few of the places where these great displays can be used.

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