Discover the Most Common Types of Diseases Carried By Rodents

Rodents are a nuisance and a danger in your home. Although cases of rodent bites are rare, they do occur. This is especially true if you live in a crowded neighbourhood. Of course, this is not the only issue with rodents. They are known to get everywhere and they will leave a trail of urine and feces behind.

Alongside this, rodents are very good at gnawing their way through a range of materials. They frequently damage electrical wiring, making them an indirect causes of house fires.

Of course, it can be difficult to spot rodents in your home, they are experts at staying hidden. That’s why you should have a regular pest inspection done by a professional firm. You can check them out here.

If you do think you have a rodent problem, get the assistance of your local exterminators as quickly as possible.

It’s also worth noting the most common diseases carried by these pests.


This is a potentially life-threatening disease you are most likely to encounter if you contact the waste of deer mice. It can take as long as five weeks for the fever to develop and you’ll then feel like you have the flu. This includes muscle ache, tiredness, headaches, and a fever.

You are also likely to experience vomiting and pain. If you don’t get it treated straight away the symptoms will get worse and can be fatal.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

This virus is spread via contact with feces, urine, or simply by touching the nest of an infected rodent. It’s most often found in the common house mouse!

At first you will feel like you have a fever, muscle aches, and a loss of appetite. This then turns into the second phase of the illness which includes stiff neck, confusion, sensory disturbances and it can even affect the behavior of your brain and even cause paralysis.

It’s not often fatal, but the road to recovery is long.


This disease isn’t just reserved for rodents, you can also get it from flies and ticks. In most cases, you’ll develop skin ulcers and your lymph nodes will be swollen. The ulcer is a result of bacteria entering your body and you’ll need antibiotics to effectively treat the issue.

Bubonic Plague

During the Middle Ages these plagues killed hundreds of thousands of people. The plague is actually transmitted by fleas. But, these fleas live on rodents and will enter your home with them.

Once you contract the disease you’ll experience fever, chills, weakness, and headaches. Antibiotics are successful in treating the disease but, if left untreated it often leads to death.

Rat Bite Fever

Rat Bite Fever is passed to humans when they are in contact with an infected rodent or food that the rodent has passed over. It also induces fever, vomiting, muscle pain, and headaches. It rarely leads to death but you will need a course of antibiotics to eliminate the issue and recover properly. Here is a blog from SocialyTech that have tome extreme tips to help you in giving yourself a fever.

In short, if you see rodents in your home, get professional help straight away.

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