DIY carpet cleaning myths busted

The web is filled with tips to remove stubborn carpet stains, but sometimes applying these tips do more damage than good. If you are not getting advice from a professional company, then there is a huge possibility of a fallacy in the theories you read on the internet. Carpet cleaning is a critical task because your carpets are manufactured with great care and delicate fabrics.

It is natural to have the urge to search on the net for the best trick to remove the liquid you just spilled on the carpet. But not all of them are useful, and here we have enlisted some of the most misguided carpet cleaning techniques that you should abandon right now.

Here are some carpet cleaning myths that you should never do it yourself.

Myth- Do not frequently vacuum the carpets 

Truth:- It is the most common tip not to vacuum the carpet often as it damages the fabrics. But carpets nowadays have a strong built and indeed need a lot of vacuuming. It is important to vacuum the carpets at least once a week to keep the dust from settling into the carpets. Vacuuming can remove more than half of the dust and thus, decreases the cost spent on carpet cleaning Fremantle services.

Myth- Cleaning them often will make them dirty

Truth:- The more you clean, the more they get dirtier! Well, the dirt keeps on accumulating each day regardless you clean them or not. Moreover, when you clean the carpets on your own, there are high chances that the dirt remains on them and is absorbed by the carpets since you are not a professional cleaner. However, if you get services from experienced carpet cleaners, your carpets will stay clean for a long time.

Myth- Steam carpet cleaning is a bad method. 

Truth:- It is believed that steam cleaning is the reason for mold growth in the carpets. But this happens only when you attempt to steam clean the carpets on your own. Professional carpet cleaners know how to properly cleanse the carpet by eliminating any type of underlying bacteria or mold. As opposed to dry cleaning where carpets can be used right after the cleaning, steam cleaning leaves the carpets wet for several days. But this does not take long and professionally cleaned carpet gets dry faster.

Myth- Use of vinegar for carpet cleaning 

Truth: Vinegar is one of the most suggested ingredients for carpet cleaning Fremantle and is listed amongst the best natural cleaning products. While it is an excellent disinfectant and is useful in removing different types of stains, but it cannot remove carpet stains. Applying vinegar mixing with other natural ingredients may not necessarily remove the stains, but will leave you with the work to remove this applied vinegar paste.

Myth- Carpet cleaning should not be done with a high powered carpet cleaner. 

Truth:- the truth is that you should clean your carpet on a regular basis. This is completely a myth that you should not use high powered cleaners because they will damage your carpet. When you take the help of a professional-level carpet cleaner, you can be highly assured that it won’t damage your mats and rugs.

You need to upgrade the fact that carpet cleaners help you get rid of all the untidiness of your carpet. They give your carpet a fresh, clean, and new look.

Myth- New carpets need not be cleaned. 

Truth:- Carpets are designed in a way that the dirt and stains do not easily reflect on the surface, but this does not indicate that they should not be cleaned. Although your carpets appear new and clean for several months, it is essential to clean them regularly.

Myth: Carpets need cleaning only if you see stains on them

Truth:- You need to believe that your carpet needs cleaning even if you can’t see any stains on it. Either take the help of professional carpet cleaners in Fremantle or buy a powerful carpet cleaner for effective cleaning on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning on a regular basis reduces the chance of unnecessary stains and cleans the carpet deeply.

Another reason to clean your carpet even if it has no stains please to get rid of the pollens and dust that can cause allergies.


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