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Dream11 APK Download Latest Version. One of the great things about India is that people of all ages here love sports. Whether it’s cricket, a game of football, or even watching wrestling in front of the TV, people like to bet on their favourite sports teams. Here’s how you could also join in the action if you were feeling bold: all you need is to download Dream11 onto your mobile phone and create a team. Then you can start betting on your own fantasy group!

DRream11 Fantasy Features:

  • Title: Dream11 4.21.0 for Android
  • Requirements: Android 9.0
  • Language: English
  • License: Free
  • Date added: Wednesday, December 11th 2019
  • Download options: Google Play

Features available

Users may choose from a variety of different players and build their strategic teams. They can challenge friends or random people and bet money on the outcome.

A scoreboard is available to view how successful individual game-playing sessions have been, as well as a leaderboard for those who are the best at this sports game! You can watch hundreds of live games all around the world by checking out the realtime feeds. Moreover, users can participate in various events like WorldCup, Extreme Cup etc., basically any kind of tournaments they’re interested in.

Buggy and has limited support

Playing this game is hard enough without having to worry about facing teammates who are playing against you. It’s annoying when your opponents drop out of the game or leave mid-match, and it’s even more annoying if a bug messes up everything for both teams. You also shouldn’t have to rely on the developers too heavily – they may not do much to help you get back your money if something goes wrong with the app; in fact, they might even keep your refund in an attempt to “fix” their mistake, even though all they’re really doing is making everything worse.


Security in this app is lacking. Since the leaderboards regularly change and issues with identity verification continue to pop up, it makes players feel they’re exposing themselves to potential hackers trying to collect their information. Things get even worse when you factor cheat codes into the equation which allow some players to use illegal means in order to climb the ranks by ruining fair play for others. Before giving up on your dreams of becoming a millionaire consider another app that can give you a better chance of winning big!

Risky Gaming

If you’re looking for a cricket-match tracker, there are plenty of apps out there that are better than the giffgaff app. That said, cricket enthusiasts will find it interesting, but we suggest you take caution and read more about our security risks under the ‘personal details’ heading.

Change log

This is an unreleased version of Dream11 apk download and we have no information about what changes it might contain. Typically, publishers take a few days or a couple of weeks to make this kind of information available.

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