Dumpor: the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer


Dampur, the anonymous Instagram story watcher, has made quite a name for himself. Dumpor: Over the past few weeks, so I decided to check him out and see what all the fuss was about. I can tell right away that this is going to be a powerful tool, but if you’re not careful, it can damage your reputation or even your safety. Here’s what you need to know before downloading Dampur.

What is Dampur?

Dampur is a tool that allows you to view Instagram stories from anyone privately and anonymously. You can also view anyone’s profile or followers while they’re live so you can see who they’re following and how many followers they have. Another great feature is being able to search for users by location so you can stop people in your area! There are a lot of anonymous apps out there that claim to be private. But none compare to Damper’s level of security. Dampur has been completely rewritten from scratch with new code.

Advanced encryption, making it unmatched in its privacy capabilities. We have a zero log policy, which means we never keep any data on our servers! When you download Dumper, please be sure to read our terms and conditions. We take privacy very seriously at Dampur, so please use it responsibly. If you encounter any bugs, feel free to send us an email about it with your suggestions!

How to use it?

If you want to see someone’s Insta but want to make sure they don’t know it’s you, Dumpor is a great way to do it. Just type in their username, and Dampur will show their tagged photos and stories (if any). You can also check who their followers are check out their stories without following them. To maintain complete anonymity, simply close your browser window whenever you feel like it. It only takes one accidental click to reveal your identity on social media.

Fortunately, Dampur is a simple tool that keeps all its users safe while doing what they need or want to do. After all, everyone knows how dangerous social media stalkers can be! Here at Dampur, we take privacy very seriously. We encrypt our servers, so none of your data leaves our control, and unlike some of our competitors, we are strictly against storing IP addresses or information that could personally identify you. , such as phone numbers or email addresses etc.


Why is it useful?

Many people want to anonymously stalk their ex or other people. They want to see what they’re doing on social media but don’t want them to know they’re doing it. In many cases, there is also an aspect of wanting revenge and being hurt about something. Dampur allows you to check your previous Instagram stories and photos for free without knowing about them. No sign-up is required – which makes it truly anonymous. You can search by tags in your area or other points of interest such as neighborhoods, cities, etc. to make sure you don’t miss any photos of friends or family.

Users get real-time notifications through push notifications, so they’ll never miss anything interesting. Searching through profiles is easy because it pulls directly from the user’s phonebook (this only happens if users agree), which allows you to access the accounts of users who haven’t signed in yet. What’s not up and allows you to avoid clutter. While checking things out.

Users will receive instant push notifications once someone starts following them – it works just like Twitter or Tinder notifications but is available anytime, anywhere on mobile instead! Users can view specially tagged location posts anonymously through the map interface! If a user wants more security features, we plan to add a face recognition feature soon, so they don’t have to show their name on the screen!


Dampur is a free and private anonymous Instagram viewer that allows you to view Instagram stories and profiles anonymously. With Dampur, you can search for Instagram users by tag or location to find all their stories or saved stories from the last 24 hours. Dampur provides you all user profiles and followers of any user for free. Private Instagram viewing made easy by Dampur! Share your story privately with other people using photo, video and drawing tools. And see other Instagram users’ stories without notifying them (when they’re not following you).

Also, there are many situations when it’s not appropriate to notify someone that they’ve been viewed (for example, someone has unfollowed your account after seeing your photo on their feed. ), so it would be nice if there was an app that allowed us to watch. His pictures made him aware of it.

 Why use Dampur?

For example, you can easily track and follow someone’s profile by viewing stories anonymously. Likewise, with geographic location; While tagging locations will not show that location’s username or profile picture to others if used manually (i.e., taking a photo from one location and posting it with another location tag), the Story section It is possible to tag multiple locations on images. For other viewers to see.

When used maliciously by third parties, such tools can cause significant harm to users. In addition to the security concerns associated with using these functions, the use of these tools also involves privacy concerns since most people use Instagram Stories publicly.


Dampur lets you view others’ stories, profiles and tagged posts anonymously. With Dampur, you can also search profiles or tags anonymously. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Install it today and protect your privacy! Your world will be much more interesting and mysterious.

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