FamiSafe, the Most Trusted Family Tracker and Parental Control App

As a parent, the first thing that comes to mind is whether to go with a parental control solution? In this article, we will answer many things and also explain why FamiSafe Parental Control App is the best solution for every parent.

Well, you have to understand how important it is to take care of your children. Especially the young, they quickly find themselves in today’s fast and digital life. Another fact is that you cannot be with your children all the time and closely monitor their activities. Thirdly, children are too interested in new things, visiting new and unknown places. At this point, you need a family tracker.

Why do parents need a reliable family tracker app?

Well, this is the most important question.

Child safety. It is very important for parents to keep their children safe at all times. Hence, a parental control app must have an advanced GPS-based location tracker and instant messaging service.

Are they in a safe area? How does a parent make sure children are in a safe area? Well, a handy feature called Geo-fencing should be part of a family tracker app. This will give the users (parents) special strength to create a safe area around their children. This way, whenever their children try to cross the border, the parents immediately get a warning.

The warning is very important to let parents know if there is a suspicious location move. That way they can take action more quickly. The instant alert feature serves to shorten the time lag between a risky event and the action taken to minimize the risk posed by the event. For example, if one of your children suddenly takes an unusual route, you can react quickly by calling him. And if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, you can go to the location of the child and if you think it is dangerous, you can ask the police for help.

There is always the possibility that children are not in the right place. They might be truant, doing something that could ruin their future. And what’s worse, they can be tricked by the bad guys out there for sexual purposes. It is important for every parent to know the location of their children anytime and anywhere, making sure they are not in dangerous / unknown places.

But often the reason children play truant, for example, is the influence of the Internet, through social media. That’s why a tracker isn’t enough.

Society’s current need is social media control

This is a rather disturbing sign of the use of social media technology and freedom. However, using a social media platform for heart-to-heart exchange of thoughts and messaging doesn’t hurt. However, no matter what, social media apps need to be controlled.

How is FamiSafe the answer?

Tracking is one part of parenting. However, as explained above, tracking cannot stand alone. There has to be a combination with what is called “controlling all aspects of Internet use.” The combination of tracking and other elements of parenting is what FamiSafe offers.

Well, FamiSafe not only helps tracking the children, but also prioritizes parents by teaching them how to keep children safe at all times. Constant notification session throughout the day; parents can view usage history, track activity log, browsing history, and more. This is the right approach for parents to know exactly about their children and their activities.

What makes Famisafe parental control app stand out from others?

Its wide striking features that cater to all the needs and requirements of parents. FamiSafe is not only the most reliable family tracker app, but also provides complete safety for all family members under one roof. This provides a stable platform for kids to focus on their studies rather than wasting precious time on the phone.

Some of its main functions are as follows:

    Mobile activity monitoring.

    Online viewing and content filtering.

    Real-time location tracking using technically advanced GPS.

    Identifying distracting applications, then blocking or limiting their functionality and access.

    Marking geofences.

    Checking location history (browsing history is included).

    ScreenTime controlling.

    Detecting suspicious texts (and sending instant notification).

    Intelligent scheduling and app usage reporting.


FamiSafe provides three pricing plans; monthly ($9.99), quarterly ($19.99), and annual ($59.99). The most recommended is an annual plan because it can protect up to 30 devices. Not only that, the monthly cost is the lowest among the three options.

FamiSafe can be downloaded from the following links:

Google Play

App Store



After all, FamiSafe acts as a reliable family tracker application for those parents who need the right advice to keep their kids safe from any potential harm (offline and online). This application is very simple and affordable. For less than $ 10 per month, your kids will be much better protected.

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