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Field Service Software Vendors: Who Are Some Of The Best?

Field Service software - FSM tools
Field Service software - FSM tools

What is the best way to streamline field service management?

That will require you to sit down with a consultant who is intimately familiar not only with the software you use but also with your business processes and practices.

We can say that the Future of Field Service Management is bright. Thus, Field Engineers now have access to a number of new features that will make their job more efficient and safe.

Typically, field services companies use Material, Equipment, and Labor. If that is the case for you, you need to find a solution that can optimize those three factors, otherwise, you will waste your budget on a short-term solution.

There are lots of software are available in the market. But I will suggest you go with –

What Are Some Notable FSM Software Vendors?

By using field service management software, we are able to keep track of our businesses, our routine shifts, and schedule and dispatch our field workers accordingly.

Some free options:

1. Mobile Forms (https://www.mobileforms.app) they have a good free version that works offline on your tablet or phone. You can build your own forms, assign tasks and then export to PDF Excel and Google Sheets.

2. TypeForms: Great design but you can’t work offline and the free version have some limitations

Today, field service management software includes not only scheduling, dispatching, work order management, but also intelligent scheduling, real-time status updates, route optimization, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM field service software

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, field service capabilities include scheduling, mobile, and resource optimization. Add-ons are available for customers who upgrade to the latest version or can be purchased separately and include:

  • Ratings based on characteristics and proficiency levels. You can set requirements for work orders based on proficiency and competency levels.
  • Business processes. The CRM incident management process is aligned with the work order process.
  • Enhancements to mobile apps. By displaying fewer upcoming work orders, drip scheduling simplifies and enhances the user experience

A new solution, Connected Field Service, is also available in preview now.

The FieldOne field service software

FieldOne, a field service software specialist, was purchased by Microsoft last July. But FieldOne was one of the first to offer FSM apps that work directly on Android and iPhone devices.

Lightning Field Service Software from Salesforce

Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning enables field workers to access the larger service organization for a 360-degree view of the customer. For organizations with at least one Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition Service Cloud Lightning license, Field Service Lightning starts at $135.

Among the features of the field service software are:

  • Integrating the entire service workforce, including the call center, agents, dispatchers, and mobile workers on a single platform
  • Applying a layer of intelligence to scheduling and optimization to take dispatching to the next level.
  • Real-time tracking and management of jobs, enabling service employees to update work orders, submit change requests, and adjust job status, anywhere, anytime, on any device

Cloud-based Oracle Field Service Software

TOA’s product is used by Vodafone as well as Dish Network and Home Depot. Field service management software from Oracle integrates the company’s technology.

It includes the following features:

  • Time-based measurements capture each field employee’s activities in real-time, including how long it takes to complete jobs and travel between sites
  • Develops a performance pattern profile for each field employee based on their historical performance, then uses these profiles to create an optimal daily route and schedule
  • On-the-go information about appointments and customers
  • Collaboration tools
  • Supervisors can manage all field activities using the field resource manager available on a mobile device
  • An automated urgent work assignment system is available to respond to emergencies
  • Integrating with the Oracle E-Business Suite

Field service software application from ServiceMax

ServiceMax’s most recent release included:

  • The ServiceMax Service Performance Metrics platform distills industry best practices for business metrics such as attach rate, contract uptime, utilization, first-time fix rate, and repeat visits to track and act on performance over time across product lines, technicians, service teams, accounts, and locations.
  • ServiceMax Field Service App offers a field-service-optimized user experience. Supports both Android tablets and iPads as well as Windows hybrid devices, like the Microsoft Surface.

Field Service software Kony

A Kony field service management software package includes four integrated apps. Each application focused on a different aspect of the business process.

A new air conditioner, for instance, might come with a sensor that monitors performance. And it sends data to a service app provided by the manufacturer.

How does Externetworks provide Managed Field Support Services?

Field Service Technician
Field Service Technician

We help clients increase productivity, reduce costs, and streamline their operations cost-effectively and sustainably with our managed field support services and solutions. We offer everything from field service management, planned maintenance, performance analytics, and dynamic scheduling initiatives. And also we provide enterprise-wide custom services and 24/7 help desk support.