Five Reasons to Buy an Air Purifier in India

Many people underestimate the quality of indoor air assuming that it is better than outdoor air. However, in reality, indoor air consists of as many pollutants as outdoor air or even higher in some cases. To be precise, indoor air is almost ten times more contaminated than outdoor air.

The quality of the air we breathe is extremely important for our well being. So, using an air purifier at home has become more of a necessity these days. This way, you can breathe in pure air at least when indoors. If you have been pondering over the decision to buy an air purifier in India, it’s time to realize its importance and the following reasons can probably seem convincing to you.

Stay Safe from Allergies

Allergies are not only aggravated via dust, dander, and other airborne particles but also through airborne chemicals from the ground surface, cleaning items, and furniture. An HEPA air purifier with activated carbon can eliminate 99.97% of harmful airborne chemicals and airborne particles.

If you suffer from respiratory problems, then a room air purifier is a must-have appliance in your room. This can help in eliminating airborne chemicals, odours, and gases, while the HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of all allergens, which may irritate or trigger an attack.

Protect Against Common Cough and Cold

If you are one of those people continually whining about contracting cough and cold irrespective of the virus season, then consider installing a room air purifier in every room of your indoor living area.

Most of the time, individuals don’t expect to fall sick when they keep their homes neat and clean. But it has been noticed 90% of them experience the ill effects of medical problems that are directly associated with indoor air pollution.

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Good Health of Children, Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women

Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers generally have a weak immune system and so do the elderly. They are more vulnerable to the ill effects of air pollution. This can lead to increased health issues.

Research has indicated that exposure to polluted air early in life may add to the development of asthma in youth and puberty.As for pregnant women, it is important to keep them as safe as possible. Inhaling contaminated air can be risky for the mother-to-be as well as the child growing within her.

An air purifier can go a long way in ensuring the good health of your children, senior citizens and pregnant women at home. So, bring home an air purifier today to help them all breathe the purest air.

Get Rid of Pet Dander

If you have pets at home, never think twice before investing in an effective HEPA air purifier. Air purification systems help in eliminating pet dander. Studies have indicated that pet hair (of dogs, birds, cats etc.) are one of the essential contributors to indoor air pollution.

Pet dander is one of the common allergy triggers, which could turn out to be sad news for pet owners who have been yearning to own a charming furball for quite a while. Now that you have found the solution, you no longer have to wait to own one.

Stay Safe from Indoor Air Pollution Due to Nearby Industries or Vehicles on the Busy Streets

Studies have shown that people living near industrial areas or busy roads are at a higher risk of contracting a variety of airborne health disorders, including respiratory illnesses like asthmatic bronchitis. This adds a lot more to the already existing indoor contaminants. This could be due to the risky fine particles released by industries or vehicles on the street.

These pollutants infiltrate somewhere down in the body and can cause health issues down the lane. So, individuals living close to industrial areas and busy streets should consider installing air filtration systems in their houses. This can help them breathe safe and stay away from airborne diseases.

Now that you have a vast list of convincing reasons to get an air purifier installed at home, don’t wait any longer, especially considering the deteriorating air quality with every passing day. Research the available options in the market and get the best air purifier in India installed to ensure good health of your loved ones.

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