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Guide to creating high-converting landing pages

Guide to creating High-converting Landing Pages

The landing pages of your website have a role to play; converting your visitors to potential customers. Creating a well-designed, high converting landing page is not rocket science, but some essentials are to be followed.

A landing page, sometimes called a sales page, is supposed to serve two purposes: persuade the visitors to look into your products/services and convince them to make a purchase. A landing page must be vivid and detailed to provide relevant information about the offer. Customers look for solutions, and you must tell them how you can help them with one.

Now a landing page may or may not be your homepage; and it is mostly found through organic search or via paid ads. Whichever it is, it must answer to three things positively:

  • Is the value of the offer understandable?
  • Do people really need it?
  • Is there a proper and compelling call to action?

Since guiding you create high converting landing pages is the goal of this article, here are some essentials…

What to put on a landing page?

  1. A one-of-a-kind killer headline

Headlines are supposed to grab the attention and pique interest. It is what glues a visitor to a page and compels them to read further. So, your headline needs to be magic. Here’s what to keep in mind: An eye-catching headline that describes the product’s purpose; and is preferably 10 words.


  1. A convincing detail or sub-headline

Now that the headline has grabbed attention, the customer would be interested in detail. And this detail must be a solution to their problem. Here’s what you need: A sub-heading below that headline which points out the unique value proposition. The detail must be persuasive, not too long or short, but just enough.


  1. High-resolution images

Visual content has proven to be a better attraction than textual content. So, applying it on landing pages affects the conversion rate. Here’s what is the most effective: Large and high-resolution images that are relevant to the offer. If it is a product page, stick to hiring a professional photographer instead of using stock photos.


  1. Testimonials

To create a positive brand image, you need testimonials. They serve as the most powerful proof for reliable products or services offered. Some good testimonials on a landing page are bound to attract customers and promote credibility. It is a natural customer instinct to buy products with good reviews.


  1. The Call to Action

The CTA button is the golden key of a landing page. Even though you cannot make the best CTA in one go, it requires A/B testing.

Here is what to consider: A visible and bold CTA that stands out on the page. It must be exact; if it is a product ‘Buy Now’. If your service price is determined after you meet up your client, ‘Get Quote’. Your visitors must know where this CTA is going to take them.

What not to put in a landing page?

Some landing pages can go wrong, and simply distract the visitors from the purpose.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Mandatory forms.
  • All the possible social links that visitors are likely to click.
  • Ads
  • Sidebar
  • Anything that distracts from the CTA.

Speed loading pages are not just something people prefer but it is directly linked to a sales. The faster the loading speed, the better the impact. Slow loading is a major buzzkill. Not just to the visitors, to Google as well. Google penalizes websites that load slowly. The visitors bounce and never return or buy leading to sales and traffic loss.

We hope this short article on building perfect landing pages was helpful. With some more planning and testing, your landing page will indeed see higher conversions.

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