Handle Common Carpet Problems

After laying the carpet at home, some people will encounter such a situation after a period of time: the carpet has problems such as bulging and wrinkling. Mainly caused by careless handling when laying the carpet, or you just need carpet cleaning.

Specific Reasons:

  1. When the carpet is opened, it bulges, and it is not rolled back and spread again.
  2. When laying the carpet, in order to do the stretching treatment, the tension is uneven, the laying is uneven, and the situation is loose.
  3. The grab rails on the wooden strips at the inner corners of the base wall fail to grasp the carpet and appear wavy, which is easy to fold the product.
  4. The ground itself is uneven and the carpet is deformed by moisture.

Tips to Prevent These Problems:

  1. When the carpet is opened, the bulging image appears. It must be rolled back and rebalanced and unfolded. Pay attention to the flat surface.
  2. Laying the carpet requires lacquer palms to be carried out section by section. Push the carpet to make it pull in, and flatten the ground, and then anchor it with steel bars to prevent slack.
  3. The carpet at the inner corner of the wall should be cut properly, pressed into the wall, and hit with a flat spatula so that the grab rails on the floor slats can really grab the carpet.

4 The flatness of the ground surface should not be greater than 4 mm. After the carpet is laid, it is strictly forbidden to soak and get wet again. Once the carpet is seriously contaminated, you need to find a professional carpet cleaning Christchurch service to deal with it.

Of course, the appearance of the carpet is uneven, there are bulging, wrinkles, and the quality of the carpet when the carpet was purchased. How to identify the quality of the carpet? To identify the quality of the carpet, in addition to the material and processing technology of the carpet fluff, the density, weight, and twisting method of the fiber are all related.

  1. Look at the pile density of the carpet.

Touch the carpet, the pile quality of the product is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. Such a carpet has good elasticity, resistance to trampling, wear resistance, comfort, and durability. Plush carpets are just good-looking, the pile density is loose, easy to fall, and deform, and it is easy to lose “down hair” after a long stepping on.

  1. Look at the color fastness of the carpet.

When choosing a carpet, you can rub your hands or the test cloth on the surface of the carpet several times to see if there is any color on the hand or the test cloth. Discoloration and fading easily occur during use, which affects the aesthetic effect of the carpet during laying and use.

3 Look at the degree of adhesion.

When choosing this type of carpet, people can gently tear the base cloth with their hands to see the degree of adhesion. If the adhesion is not high, the base cloth and the carpet body will easily separate; finally, check the appearance quality. Check whether the carpet surface of the carpet is flat, whether the edge of the carpet is straight, whether there are defects, oil stains, and color differences. Especially when purchasing a tufted carpet, check whether the back of the carpet is peeled off, seepage, etc., to avoid the carpet during laying and use Drumming and inequality appear, and the effect of comfort and beauty is lost.

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