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How Leaders Can Keep Teams Motivated in Uncertain Times

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The Covid 19 Pandemic has swept the world, wreaking havoc everywhere. No sphere of our lives has been left untouched. Both personal and professional lives have been impacted and there’s no end in sight yet. Economies have been ruined, businesses are struggling to cope and the future is uncertain due to the pandemic.

Hence, understandably, there is a lot of uncertainty in people’s mind. For businesses, this is a core concern to address and here’s where leaders will need to step in to resolve matters beyond just new business registration and management issues.

In difficult times like these, true leaders come into their own to create order out of chaos, calm people’s nerves and take things forward.

Let’s look at some of the ways leaders can manage teams to keep them motivated in these uncertain times:

Be Positive

As leader, you need to be very clear right from the start – the team will take their cue from you. It’s up to you to stay positive and spread good vibes – you are the mentor and the coach. The required inspiration and guidance have to flow from you to them. Hence you need to stay that is probably all the reason you need to stay calm, collected, and positive. It’s not going to be easy but you cannot buckle under pressure or panic during uncertain times. Maybe even if the problems persist, things are not working out, your team needs to see you in a confident, positive and goal-oriented mode.

Let People speak Up

These circumstances of uncertainty can take anyone off guard. When it happens we are not prepared nor do have the solutions or bandwidth required to deal with it. Hence the 1st thing is not to blame oneself – remember, you have a team of talented, skilled people. And this is the perfect time to speak to them and let them share their thoughts, ideas, solutions –the chances are that you may be surprised. This way, you can share the ownership and the responsibility of keeping the organization going. By keeping yourself open to ideas from everyone you are giving the business a diverse set of solutions, rather than the single approach you would probably take.

Take them through your Plan 

Once people have experienced uncertainty, the reflex is to turn to the leader for a solution. Here is where true leadership comes into play and you propose the plan to stem the tide, turn the tables and save the business. You will need to develop a plan and communicate it in simple terms – what the plan is, what each team member will be doing and every step will bring for the goal. This is the time when you may face opposition, conflict or questions – be prepared for this and address it, so everyone is on the same page. The key to this problem, is to lay out the plan in such detail that full transparency is there and people will trust you in these uncertain times too.

Focus on being Agile and Flexible

Possibly the single important trait to have during these uncertain stressful times is to stay agile and flexible. You may have a great plan for your business to succeed, but its possible that some new development may require you to recast your plan. Then you will have to immediately change your plan or rework it to factor in the new development. Hence there is always the chance that plans may need to change depending on the situation. Adaptability is the key here. Perhaps the reason why LegalWiz.in came up with partners platform to offer Instamojo coupon codes and other such partnership benefits.

Be accessible and interact with the team

There’s only 1 bright spot during a crisis and that is the leader. Without the leader, there would be total darkness. Here, darkness means low morale and demotivation. As the leader you would definitely want to motivate and inspire your team. That is precisely why you will need to interact, stay engaged with each member and be fully accessible. There may be times when someone want s to discuss a problem or give feedback – it’s important for a leader to be there for them and lend an ear. It makes a world of difference.

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Communication is the key

This is the time to be frank, empathetic and direct in your communication. Any beating around the bush and soft-coating can just make it worse – people tend to see through all the crap. A leader needs to maintain his credibility and reputation – thus it is best to avoid diluting the message. Even if the truths are hard to accept, stick to them and tell it like it is. Your team needs to know everything you do and don’t – make sure you are all updated. Contrary to popular belief, withholding information will cause more detrimental. The communication channels can be kept free and open so the trust quotient remains high.


Undoubtedly, during uncertain phases, leadership is very challenging…but trying to cope alone is not going to solve any problems at all. An inclusive, clear and supportive approach will ensure you have all the help you need from a motivated, engaged and energetic team.