How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last? (Tips To Store For Long Time)

There is no denying that the taste of coffee is heavenly in itself. But once you start using coffee creamer, there’s no going back!

What’s more, coffee creamers come in so many different flavors these days that it’s nearly impossible to decide what you really like. So, it won’t be a surprise to us if you say you buy a lot of coffee creamers at once, with different flavors of course.

But doing so might raise a question or two in your mind, ‘Does coffee creamer go bad?’, ‘How long does it last?’. Well, read on to find out!

Does coffee creamer go bad?

Coffee creamers come in a variety of forms – dairy, non-dairy, powder, liquid, and even in mini cups. You can even find a keto version! Some may have a shelf life of a few days, while others may be edible for months. But remember that all these creamers eventually go bad.

With all of these types, it’s quite common to be confused as long as the type you have lasts. If you don’t know how long your coffee creamer will last, you’ve come to the right place!

Later in this post, we’ll talk more about how each type of creamer works and how to store them for optimal longevity.

How long does a coffee creamer last?

We have said before; The shelf life of coffee creamers depends on their type. Let’s talk about how long you can store each type of coffee creamer, shall we?

Unopened liquid dairy creamers last about 1-2 weeks after their use-by date, while once opened they only last a week or two. Non-dairy creamer also doesn’t last long. Non-dairy creamers often come without refrigeration. However, once opened you should refrigerate.

Powdered coffee creamer, on the other hand, lasts relatively long, i.e. months. Likewise, individual mini coffee creamer cups also last about a month when they expire.

However, you should be aware that all of these periods are an estimate, and the shelf life of your coffee creamer may vary depending on how you store it. What’s more, freezing your liquid and powdered coffee creamers will also extend their shelf life.

4 Tips for Telling If Your Coffee Creamer Has Spoiled

Although coffee creamer may not go bad a day or two after the expiration date, you may still think that expired creamer will make you sick.

Therefore, you should always be able to tell if your coffee creamer is damaged or not. Now, here are a few tips you can follow to tell if your coffee creamer is still edible.

1. Check its smell and taste.

Do you suspect that your coffee creamer has passed its prime? If yes, you can just take a teaspoon of creamer and taste and smell it. If it doesn’t taste good, has a sour or bad smell, you can remove the dish from your kitchen.

2. Check the expiry date.

When in doubt, always check the expiration dates on your coffee creamer packaging. If your liquid creamer, opened or unopened, is past its expiration date, it will only last a few days in the refrigerator, up to a week. So beware of that.

Also, you should always keep in mind that if you have stored your opened dairy coffee creamer container in the freezer for more than 2 weeks, it is best to throw it in the trash.

3. Watch for texture changes

If you have a powdered creamer in your kitchen, you should watch for changes in texture as well as mold growth.

If your creamer packet is exposed to moisture, you will only see a wrinkle like structure inside your packet. If you find such packets, it is better to discard this powdered creamer.

4. Make a cup of coffee

If all of the above methods fail to prove that your creamer has gone bad, but you still suspect it has, make a quick cup of coffee!

The best way to determine the quality of your coffee creamer is to make a cup of coffee using the creamer and taste it.

If everything tastes good, it’s perfectly fine to use it. However, if the smell and taste of your coffee is not correct and not up to standard, you should discard this packet of coffee creamer.

4 Tips for Storing Coffee Creamer

To stock your coffee creamer, you should understand the types of coffee creamers available in the market.

The first is liquid creamer, the second is a smaller version found in small sealed cups, and the last is dry creamer. Non-dairy versions are also available! Now let’s talk about storing each type in this section.

1. Liquid Dairy Creamers

If you have dairy whiteners in plastic bottles or tetra packs, remember to refrigerate them. They usually contain milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring, so they always need refrigeration. You should also remember to seal the container after use.

You also need to keep the pack away from heat sources. If you find a “refrigerate after opening” label from the manufacturer on a packet of creamer, you absolutely should!

Most foods retain their quality well after their expiration date. Some do this for months, and some for years! But this is not the case with coffee creamers.

Coffee creamers, especially liquid and dairy ones, are highly prone to contamination and spoilage. So, if you consume liquid dairy coffee creamers past their expiration date, you may also be ingesting pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

On the other hand, using expired powdered coffee creamers may not cause as much harm. However, you may notice a slight drop in quality. But if you use your coffee creamers months past their best-by date, even powdered coffee creamers can cause you health problems.

Can you freeze coffee creamer?

If you’ve recently bought some liquid coffee creamers, the best way to store them is to freeze them. But remember, once opened, they don’t last more than a week or two. However, an unopened bottle can last for a few more weeks after the expiration date.

Similarly, you can also freeze dry . The only thing you have to be careful about is not leaving the powder out too long once it’s frozen. This is because when powders thicken, they collect moisture.

You do not need to melt the powdered creamer. So, quickly add the powder to your coffee and immediately put it back in the freezer.

If you prefer, it is not necessary to melt the liquid creamer as well. You can easily scoop it out with a spoon. But remember that doing so will make your coffee quite cold. And, if you want to thaw the liquid creamer, remove the bottle and refrigerate overnight.


Now that you know when you can safely use your coffee creamer, with proper storage, you can enjoy the coffee creamer flavors you want.

However, make sure you estimate it wisely and accurately. So, how do you like your coffee? Tell us!

How long is creamer good for after opening?

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