How Often Does Slate Need To Be Sealed?

Slate tiles offer a great and amazing finishing to the floor. People choose these tiles for living areas to make those areas more attractive. However, it requires more care and cleaning for maintenance. Otherwise, these tiles will lose their shine and natural beauty over time. For this, slate cleaning and slate resealing are necessary.

So, it’s better to get the slate resealing services at least once after three or four years. However, you can get it more than four-time to keep it well-maintained and long-lasting. On the other hand, if you have installed the new slate floor then it’s better to use a professional and high-quality slate sealer to seal these tiles initially.

It will add more shine and sparkle to the natural stones and tiles. Furthermore, it assures to keep the slate floor in a better condition for a long time. so, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of cleaning and sealing services for the slate floors and natural stones. Through this, you will maintain and seal your floor effectively.

Estimated Time Frame To Get The Slate Resealing Services:

You never know about the importance of sealing and appropriate cleaning for the slate tiles. Most of the home owners are unaware of these benefits for their floors and surface. Moreover, it’s better to get the resealing services at least once after four or five years. Because after this time frame, these tiles started to become dull and black.

On the other hand, water under the surface of tiles and floor may also damage and crack these tiles over time. however, you can get rid of water deposit and moisture through appropriate slate cleaning and drying. But sealant is also necessary to offer protection to these tiles against water and moisture.

You should seal the slate tiles even after a new installation. No doubt, these tiles have a sealing layer. But it will become fade and dull over time. so, it’s better to prevent the issue earlier. On the other hand, it also saves the natural shine and sparkle of these tiles Moreover, it will save the tiles from being slippery. Because the slippery rate of tiles increased due to moisture and spills on it.

So, unsealed tiles would be dangerous for the individuals especially in the rainy season. On the other hand, unsealed tiles are more prone to dirt and dust and will damage or crack easily. Slate tiles are not the only tiles that required sealing for protection. You also need to seal the porcelain and marble tiles for better protection and durability.

For this, you need to choose the appropriate sealant accordingly the types of tiles for better coating. So, it’s necessary to seal each type of tiles to save from damages and cracks. Moreover, the slate sealer will offer protection to the upper layer of tiles from penetrating water under the surface.

Seal Slate Tiles Also Before Grouting:

If you want to get the better protection of tiles and grout lines then its better to apply the sealant on the tiles before grouting. Because if you are not doing this then it will damage the overall look and floor. On the other hand, damages will occur rapidly even after grouting if you are not sealing the tiles.

In the end, you may need to reinstall the floor due to a lot of damages and issues. Moreover, grout lines without appropriate sealant are more prone to dirt and dust and will crack within no time. so, it’s better to save the floor from the mess and future damages through considering the need for an appropriate slate sealer. Furthermore, appropriate sealant will minimize the cleaning time and effort by offering great protection against stains and spills.

So, you can get a flawless and sparkling floor even after simple mopping after appropriate slate resealing and grouting of these natural stones and tiles.

Risks Behind The Lack Of Appropriate Sealing:

If the tiles are not sealed appropriately then water and moisture can react with these tiles easily. Moreover, unsealed tiles will become dull and fade over time due to the numbers of cleaning and environmental factors.

So, if you are not sealing the heavy foot traffic area’s tiles then stains and spills will stick on these tiles permanently and you may need to replace these tiles. Because slate resealing is also not a beneficial option for the crack and damage tiles but the well-maintained tiles.

Moreover, germs and bacteria can grow easily on the unsealed floor as compared to seal the floor. So, if you want to get a clean and hygienic living environment then you need to consider the importance of sealant for tiles. Above all, unsealed tiles are not good for health as well as for the environment.

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