How the educational system should manage education after a lockdown

The outbreak of coronavirus has made its way in almost every country. Governments of each respective state have implemented lockdown to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Due to the movement of ‘Stay home, stay safe’, it has become quite difficult for businesses, educational institutions, shops, transportation, and every other activity to perform in the country, people are staying at home and are scared to go outside without safety measures.

The worst-case scenario is being faced by the educational system due to the lockdown. Schools, colleges, and universities are in the vacation mode due to the spread of coronavirus which is the deadliest disease with no cure and vaccine. As the disease is contagious even by shaking the hands with each other, it can be transmitted to another person, the idea was proposed to shut down the educational institutes at first,

The pandemic of coronavirus has caused educational institutes all over the world to shut down in March 2020. Experts of essay writing help stated that this has made almost 1.2 billion learners stay out of their classrooms. A big proportion of such students have made their way successfully to shift towards the online classes. The questions which arise here are that how will we move towards the re-opening of schools? What precautionary measures should we take to make the premises of school safe and secure from the spread of the virus? Is there any ideal educational model which is having a strong grip over online teaching mode?

Soon after the tremendous increment in the cases of COVID-19, notices began to circulate and every educational institute across the whole globe was shut down. And till date, we are still unaware of their re-opening. Parents are now the teacher, guide, and helper to their children to make them learn at home. The concept of online classes is still in the nascent stage in the underdeveloped areas and for the student of very poor families of rural and urban areas. Therefore, we cannot rely on the online educational system due to the fluctuations in different sectors.

Here are the 5 tips on how the educational system should manage the education after the lockdown is being lifted.

Role of Teachers:

Teachers play a vital role here and they must not rush to complete the syllabus. They must be able to understand the emotional needs of the students and should be helping them to heal mentally. Many dissertation writing services reported that there is a variety of students coming to school, some may have faced any death in the family, loss of job of parent, and many other critical issues. Teachers must give them space to talk and discuss their mental health. Do not burden them with the studies right after the opening of educational institutes.

Emotional support and care:

There is a huge need for emotional support and care for students and teachers as well. The management and authorities must plan it according to the teacher’s mental health. There is a high ratio of teachers who are suffering from anxiety and fear of the virus infecting them. Before proceeding towards education, the first need is to be emotionally and mentally stable enough to take care of the students. A good counseling session must be done for the teacher to prepare them mentally to get back into the teaching scenario and work with students with empathy and understanding.

Engaging Activities and exercise:

Teachers, management, authorities, and educational action plans must look around for the strategies to engage the students in healthy and learning activities. There must be some good and healthy arrangements for the students to come out of the trauma of the novel coronavirus. There must be plans for structured activities and interactions with students at every level. It will help them to voice up their emotions.

Encourage creativity to throw the anxiety out:

The teachers must address the student’s experiences via conversations and presentations, artistic and creative methodologies will be very effective in addressing deeper anxieties. Teachers must engage students to make environment friendly. Paintings and poster activities can be done by students, stories and artworks should be appreciated as well.

Accelerated learning:

When the mental preparation process gathers momentum, teachers must be prepared to organize accelerated learning classes. This will help the students to gear up themselves and start learning again. The NGO’s and children federation should also come forward to show their expression of care in the process of learning and healing.

Lockdown schooling can never be a substitute for education. The environment of educational institutes has another refreshing, healthy, and encouraging vibes which help the students to accelerate in healthy competitive learning. The lockdown is having a negative and fearful effect on children and students of almost every level and this can lead to mental pressure and anxiety. The above-mentioned steps must be taken by authorities as soon as the lockdown is lifted and everything gets back to normal again.

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