How to Choose Counter Top Surfaces

Countertops are an integral part of the look whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, building it from the ground up, or just giving it a makeover. You might be overwhelmed by the variety of countertop surfaces available, which range from the well-known butcher block to less popular materials like glass and terrazzo. To get you started, we have organized top choices that can give your kitchen an amazing look. You can discuss it with any of the fit-out companies in Dubai and they will advise you on the right choice according to your kitchen outlook. However, before you do it, learn a little more about it.

Do you rely on natural stones when it comes to construction or will a manufactured, composite stone even better fit the bill? Consider the overall room design so that you can be sure that your favorite countertop is worked smoothly with your cabinets, flooring, and other design options.

If you have old, modern farmhouses or modern kitchens, all kinds of countertops can be considered. See our easy guide for the following countertop types or read about each type for more information.

Types of the Countertops


This natural stone lifts a kitchen immediately, creating a clean, modern feel. Nothing else looks like a bright white marble end, but even marble countertops, including shades of grey, brown, taupe, and even green, are provided in other colors.

But this stone is not the most practical option. Marble is softer than other natural stones, so careful that it is important to invest in a suitable cutting board. It’s also important to know that if you cut marble right away, it scratches.

Another problem with marble is that it is brittle, meaning that temporary spills are easily permanent.


Do you have a big family, prepare a lot of meals, or just want to ensure that you invest in a long-lasting countertop? Then quartz maybe your best option. You can be shocked to learn that quartz counters do not consist of 100% quartz but are instead a composite stone made from natural quartz in combination with a resin binding device. This stone is uniparous, unbelievably difficult, and never needs to be re-sealed.


Granite countertops are considered the standard choice for many years because it is a natural stone that is highly durable. Granite comes in a variety of dark and light colors, as well as flecks and variations. Another distinguishing characteristic of granite is that it can be cut with several edge styles, including square, beveled, ogee (an S-shape), half and full bullnose.

Granite countertops are low-maintenance and easy to care for, but harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided. Granite can be cleaned with only a little soap and water. Some granites are more porous than others, and stain prevention can necessitate periodic sealing.


Soapstone is a natural stone. It contains a high percentage of naturally occurring talc, which imparts a soapy or smooth feel to the body.

Soapstone has many advantages over marble and granite. It needs no upkeep and is fully nonporous, making it stain, bacteria, and heat resistant. It also has a distinctive appearance and comes in a range of grey shades with blue or green undertones. From stone to stone, the normal, marble-like veining varies.


During the 1980s and 1990s, laminate countertops, also known by the brand name Formica, were extremely common. Although older laminate countertops can appear aged, today’s laminate countertops are more modern. Newer laminates will imitate more expensive materials such as wood and stone at a fraction of the cost.

However, the expense isn’t the only benefit of laminate. This item is nonporous, which means it won’t absorb bacteria. It also never needs to be resealed and is simple to clean with soap and water.

If you prefer laminate, there are a few things to bear in mind. Since it is easily destroyed by heat, failing to use a trivet will destroy your countertop.

Bottom Line 

Finally, when you will reach out to the fit-out companies in Dubai, they can show you some samples and real-time examples of each countertop surface. This can be quite a task to find the right surface, but this is the investment that needs you to search before you finalize anything with Interior design Dubai Companies.

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