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How To Choose The Right Matha Patti?


Matha Patti is those pieces of jewelry that can add a gorgeous quotient to the entire bridal attire. A lot of women are opting to wear them on their D day.

One can buy artificial matha Patti online but one must choose a piece depending on their facial shape. If one is not sure about how to choose which matha Patti depending on the face shape, then the following tips can be a simple guide:

Oval Face Shape

If one has this face shape, then the facial features are considered to be the most symmetric. Hence almost every style of jewelry can suit this face shape. This is a great thing as one can totally experiment with the varieties of matha patties here. No matter how big or small pieces they choose, it will suit their face shape. But one must not overcrowd their faces with other jewelry pieces if they are wearing headgear.

Long Face Shape

If one has a face that is longer than wider then one has to choose a matha Patti which does not make the face look any longer. It must add some more width to the face. In fact, one must choose a piece that can be bold and chunky. It should have an elaborate style so that it can become the highlight among all the bridal pieces.

Round Face Shape

One with this face shape always tries to cut down the chubbiness of it so that it does not look more rounder. One has to avoid a piece of matha Patti which has a round pendant in it. One has to opt for the styles that have corners or angles. Also, one needs to avoid the massive head gears because it can hide the forehead and go for a pushback one so that it does not cut the height from the face.

Square Face Shape

Jawline and cheekbones stand out in this face shape and so one has to find a matha Patti that can soften those features. Jhoom can look good in this facial feature and shape because they distract one from the center of the face. Hence a one-sided headgear is perfect.

Heart Face Shape

If one has a wide forehead and a pointed chin then one has to pick a matha Patti that can highlight the jawline. The best pick in this case can be a multi-layered one or the one which has a thick chain so that it can look well with the face.

Diamond Face Shape

Here, the cheekbones stand out as a facial feature and so the jewelry might highlight the best facial feature. The headgear must not distract one from the cheekbones. It must lead to the center of the face and highlight the eyes as well. In this face shape, the one-sided and asymmetrical matha Patti looks the best.

One can check for the artificial matha Patti design online and choose one as per their facial shape.