How to Install Shower Standing Handles

Shower handle

Shower Standing Handles: Older people who have difficulty getting in and out of the shower. Can benefit greatly from installing a standing shower handle. The CDC estimates that 3 million seniors fall each year, with 37 percent of these accidents occurring in the bathroom. Older people may find it difficult to get in and out of the shower if they don’t have a handle to hold on to. Different handling techniques are shown in the following table.

Use of suction cups

People who cannot stand or walk can use a shower standing grip to help them get in and out of the shower. This makes it less likely for people with disabilities or balance issues to slip and fall in the shower. These gadgets are installed through suction cups. There are no sharp corners or edges on these devices, making them easy to hold and use. Changing the height of the handles is as easy as removing the handles and reinstalling them.

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Mounting bracket

People who have difficulty walking or standing can greatly benefit from the support provided by standing shower handles. As an alternative to standard shower handles, these can be used to increase the stability and safety of the shower experience. The use of these fixtures also reduces the chance of falls. It’s a good idea to install them in your shower if your safety or balance is an issue for you. Read on to learn how to install these shower decorations yourself. Once installed you will find them useful.


There are a variety of “standing” shower handles to choose from. Smooth, non-perforated surfaces can be used to attach suction shower handles. Non-porous tiles are the norm. Place the handle away from the grout line, and make sure you have a wide tile under your wall to prevent it from shifting. Even screws hidden under wall studs can be used to attach handles. To avoid a hole in your wall that is difficult to repair, make sure you secure it with screws.

 Shower Standing Handles


The first step in installing standing shower handles is to decide where the grab bar will go. If the bar is to be mounted on the side of the tub, the handle should be secured to the side of the tub rather than the wall. Then, using a cordless drill and masonry bit, make a small hole in the mark. Next, place the anchor in place, being careful not to overtighten the screw.


There are a wide variety of shower handles to choose from. While the average person prefers a 36-inch handle, taller people may need a 43-inch-high one. Additional safety and balance support is provided by Lifesavers, a brand name for shower handles with grab bars. The center-to-center distance of the mounting holes is usually used to calculate handle height.

Health hazards

“Standing handles” in the shower are a helpful feature for those who have difficulty ambulating. In the event of an accident, they provide additional stability and reduce the chances of a fall. People with weakness or loss of balance can also benefit from their use.

When it comes to installing shower knobs, here are a few things to keep in mind. Proper installation of these devices is require to avoid any potential hazards. The following safety tips will help you avoid the most common hazards when installing your new shower stalls. Make sure your bathroom has no slippery surfaces.

Keep the area clear of any loose debris, whether you’re installing a shower or bath. Slipping is a leading cause of falls, so install grab bars to prevent this. You can also use these gadgets to help you get in and out of the bath or shower. By installing hold bars, you can reduce your reliance on shaky ground.

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