How to Manage Outgoing Employees

Businesses allocate significant time, money, and resources in locating, screening, and onboarding the right employees for the job. But fewer businesses give as much importance to the other side of workforce management: offboarding.

At-will employment trends mean your workers may decide to end their employment with you, or you could choose to end it with them, at any time.

At most, many businesses have a simple protocol for an outgoing employee, consisting of handing over assignments, filling out information regarding their final settlement, and a basic exit interview consisting of feedback on the workplace and things like performance appraisal methods.

Many times, an outgoing employee can encounter hostility from a manager or other workers, simply because they are leaving.

But for that to happen, you need to instill and nurture a sense of loyalty. This blog discusses several ways to do this. Read on for more information.

Offboarding Processes Should Go Beyond Compliance Needs

For many businesses, how much they invest in effective offboarding represents how they approach the offboarding aspect as a whole.

There can also be several variables in play, such as the workplace culture, business goals, and staff budgets specific to your business.

But for the most part, many firms only retain a bare-bones offboarding process to meet business compliance and other legal labor requirements.

However, an ineffective onboarding process can often have the opposite impact and open your company up to potential litigation or settlements with disgruntled outgoing employees who feel they were treated unfairly.

In other words, instead of meeting the bare minimum required by law, your offboarding process should focus more on offering a better exit experience.

Managers Should Plan for Potential Exits in Advance

Planning for an employee exit in advance is a great way for business leaders and workforce managers to ensure business continuity.

You should base your strategy on the understanding that offboarding is not a one-off event, but often something that happens several times a year.

That implies that this plan should be as holistic as possible, encompassing all possible workers and roles in your workplace.

If you’re planning with a holistic understanding, you’ll likely be able to execute better exit interviews. Create more streamlined ways to handoff assignments, and continue to offer a great exit experience free from bias or negativity.

The Exit Should Be Managed Carefully and Empathically

Exiting an organization is often more worrisome for the worker than it usually is for the employer.

Remember, the economy is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are content to hang on to whatever jobs they have for now instead of risking a move. The fact that an employee is choosing to leave you now, should be approached with empathy as opposed to hostility.

Most workers will try to make the best of whatever roles, colleagues, and work culture is available to them.

For a worker to leave now may signal deep-rooted but hidden issues among your work culture or workforce. An emphatically managed exit may help you identify these issues and address them before the exits start increasing in frequency.

Create A Corporate Alumni Program For Employees

Finally, to ensure your employees continue to serve as ambassadors for your business. you need to build trust and loyalty.

Many businesses have abandoned the rigid workplace in favor of the casual one. Many businesses have also adapted another aspect of college: alumni programs.

Academic alumni programs exist to create stronger networks as well as a sense of loyalty and belonging with the university. The same applies to business.

A corporate alumni program helps workers develop skills and abilities for their growth. But all of these are primarily driving at building trust and comfort between workers and the business.

A strong alumni program will already have created loyal ambassadors, who will stay loyal even after exiting your company.

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