How to Master Online Teaching Platform for your Online Teaching career?

The way teachers teach in their classrooms has constantly changed over the years. Now, with the help of technology, teachers can make use of various tools to enhance their teaching and provide an interactive learning environment to their students. The use of projectors, virtual whiteboards, online teaching, and various other study materials are helping teachers to make their classroom teaching more effective. In addition to this, the coronavirus pandemic has fueled the growth of online learners in India. Hence, the growth of online learning has proved beneficial for teachers as they can now teach online and earn good money out of it. 

Fact- Did you know that the current online learner base in India is 9.5 million? 

This figure shows the positive growth of online learning in India. Hence, the scope of online teaching has skyrocketed as there is much growth in the number of online learners. 

Teachers who are interested in teaching online or those who are simply looking for a side gig should take the help of an online teaching platform to get started with their teaching. 

What is an online teaching platform? 

A teaching platform is the one that will help you to connect with your potential learners, teach them and earn a decent amount of money. There are various platforms that are available online with the help of which you can get started with your online teaching journey. Now with the rise of online teaching, many Edtech companies are coming forward and creating their own online platforms that provide various functionalities to their users. 

What are the benefits of an Online Teaching Platform? 

There are various benefits of these platforms that teachers should know before starting their online teaching journey. 

Collaborate with learners

Unlike a social learning network where learners and educators can collaborate with each other, this platform will help you to find potential learners and teach them. All you need to do is possess an internet connection and start searching for learners to teach online. 


Teachers can start teaching on this platform at any time and anywhere. It gives you the utmost comfort by letting you teach at your own convenience and at any location. 

Create personalized study materials

To engage your learners in your teaching, it is essential that you create personalized study materials. The reason behind this is that each student has their own learning ability and pace. So by making use of an online teaching platform, you get to create numerous study materials as per the needs of your students. 

Reduced Administrative Burden

Generally, in a traditional approach, teachers have to spend a lot of time doing extra work like checking exam papers, keeping track of student’s attendance, managing a class of 50-60 students, and so on. However, with the help of this platform, they need not worry about this work as the platform has inbuilt tools which take care of all these aspects. Hence, teachers can save their time and focus on teaching the students without any hassle. 

Earn Money

These platforms have good earning potential meaning teachers can earn based on the time they spent on teaching. You can get paid by the number of hours you put in and by providing study materials on these platforms. 

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How can you Master an Online Teaching Platform? 

Choose a Reliable Online Teaching Platform 

The first step is to choose a good teaching platform that lets you make the most of your online teaching. You must know that there are many platforms that are available online however you need to choose the one that suits your teaching requirements and let you earn good money. 

 Get Well-Acquainted with the Platform

This is the most crucial step towards mastering the platform. Know the entire platform and get well-acquainted with all the features and benefits of it. This will ensure that you avoid any mistakes while teaching on the platform.  

Create Unique Educational Content 

Create unique educational content that sets you apart from others. Make the most of the tools available on the platform and start creating courses and notes that are helpful for students. This way students will enroll in your courses and you can earn a good amount of money out of it. 

To conclude, the easy availability of technology has made it possible for learners to learn online with the help of online learning platforms. The rise in online learners has paved the way for teachers to establish their online presence and start teaching online. Teaching platforms come as a boon for teachers who wish to kick start their online teaching journey. Remember to keep the above-mentioned points in mind and master the platform to excel in your online teaching career. 

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