How To Promote Twitter Tweet? 5 Steps To Consider


Twitter Ads are almost similar to other social media ads.

that are designed to build a social presence for a brand and generate high engagement for the long term.

However, they are not just limited to a Twitter ad campaign. If you are serious about your brand engagement and want to grow your business by acquiring quality leads.

you should also think about promoting Twitter tweets.

It comes with good flexibility allowing more potential clients and viewers to view your ad and perform any sort of action good for your brand.

The PPC specialists of a reputed PPC management company in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. follow this formula to run a successful brand online.

Here are the following steps to follow!

5 Easy steps to promote tweets on Twitter

  1. Start by selecting “Promote Mode”: Start from the very beginning where you will find two options on your menu page. First will ask you to “Go to promote mode”, second will ask you to “Go to Twitter Ads”. Instead of jumping into the Twitter ads, you have to click on the promote mode to promote your tweets on Twitter.

The moment you tap on the icon, you will be directed to the next page to continue with your campaign. Remember, you are choosing this option to promote your tweets and bring your brand visible to the right audience. So, act accordingly.

2. Choose the proper location: Next step is to choose the country where you want to promote your tweets along with the time zone. Currently, with this Twitter Ad option, you can only promote your tweets to a few selected countries like the UK, the US, and Japan.

To promote your tweets, start with selecting the countries you want your ad to reach the audience. While choosing the countries, you also need to select the time zone when you want your audience to read your ad.

Click “Next” to move forward in creating your campaign.

3. Select the targeting method: In “Promote Mode”, you get access to two options – Interests and Location. You can choose any one of the targeting options to promote tweets and set up your campaign on Twitter.

No matter which option you prefer, you will end up gaining a good volume of audience meeting your business objectives. That’s the trick. In the upcoming points, you will understand how to follow the steps if you choose either of the two targeting methods.

4. Choose the lists of interests to target your audience: When you choose “interests” as your targeting methods, you have to keep in mind that several options are listed under this category. For example, beauty, books and literature, business, careers, music and radio, food and drink, traveling, health, finance, and many more.

Among tons of interests, you need to choose a maximum of five interests to run your campaign and promote the tweet among the right audience. While promoting your tweets you need to ensure the interests you choose for the audience are correct. Take care of the interests because the more you choose your interests, the more people will witness your ads. Hence, a large engagement.

5. Select the proper locations to target your audience: Suppose you end up choosing “location” as your method of targeting the audience. You need to select the locations very carefully. Remember, you can target the right audience only when you choose the locations properly.

Like the previous method, you have the limit to choose five locations in a row. Besides, you need to keep in mind that promoted tweets must appear in front of the audience who live in the US, the UK, and Japan.

Finally, when you reach the last step, hit the proceed button to fill up the billing information. Once done, press “Save” and launch your promoted tweet on Twitter.

More about promoted tweets

Promoted tweets are nothing but paid advertisements that are placed on Twitter to target the right audience based on location and interests.
Here you will find only one single tweet for every ad and guess what you can customize them along with the target audience.

So guys, even if you have paid more attention to the Twitter ads and have skipped the Promote Mode, you must go back and work on this. Promoting tweets are great for engaging the right audience relevant to the search queries. And by doing all these steps I have mentioned, you will gain Twitter followers instantly.

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