How to Reuse Facebook Ads With Social Proof

We are awestruck by Facebook advertisements as a marketing tool, and a Facebook advertisement that can garner lots of likes, shares, or comments can be a huge benefit. This kind of engagement is known as “social proof,” It can transform your advertisement from boring to fabulous by re-rolling your hard-earned reactions and comments. Social proof can be described as a Jedi mental trick for your customers as they naturally trust when there’s a lot of evidence.

What happens when you recreate the ad performing well and present it to a different target audience? All of those shares, likes, or shares have gone!

Ads With Engagement Are Powerful Assets

One of the most substantial advantages you can leverage as a Facebook advertising company is creating an advertisement that receives lots of engagement. Likes, shares, and comments make what’s known as social proof. It helps build trust with the people you’re trying to get in touch with. It lets them know that there have been positive responses to the message you’re trying to put out and makes for a more effective advertising campaign.

But here’s the interesting thing: If Facebook advertisers attempt to reuse their ads, they lose all those shares, likes, and comments that provide social evidence. Don’t worry! We have a simple solution to use those highly effective ads to attract new audiences without losing any of that social proof of the advert click here.

6 Steps to Reusing Your Ad’s Social Proof For a Different Audience

Create a dark-colored post

For this method to work, it is necessary to create dark posts. This means you’re making a post that’s not published or public on your Facebook page. Learn how to create a dark bar on Facebook with this easy-to-follow three-minute tutorial by Jon Loomer. What dark bars permit you to accomplish is:

  • Split test against different audiences
  • Reach your audience more effectively
  • Test different creatives

This is all without the loss of the social proof you created. We highly recommend spending three minutes learning how!

Look for the ad that’s been effective for you.

You’re now required to locate the ad performing effectively for your needs. This is the one that will be used to recreate the magic, with the added benefit of social proof.

In Ads Manager, Choose the ad you wish to apply and then select the edit button. Under the Ad Preview tab, find the box icon at the top right-hand corner. Click it, after which scroll to choose that option. Facebook Post with Comments option.

It will load up the advertisement you’re planning to reuse. In our case, we picked this ad with plenty of social proof.

Copy the ID of the post.

You must copy the complete URL out of the bar in your browser. We suggest taking the copied URL into a tool such as Notepad and Sticky Notes, so it’s easier to edit the text.

Create a new ad

The following step will be to make an entirely new ad, just as you’ve done for every other Facebook advertisement. You’ll want to select the objective that is most appropriate for your purposes. You can continue by choosing a different group of people just like you do create a standard Facebook advertisement campaign. This is likely to be old news for you right now! The most exciting thing that you’re here to learn is:

In most cases, you’re likely to create your ad by using one of the standard choices like carousel or video, and so on; however, in this instance, you will use an already-existing post.

Enter the ID of the post you posted in your fantastic advertisement

There are easy ways to access page posts that ran previously, and you don’t need to search through old posts to locate the one that’s right for you. Instead, click Enter Post ID to find the exact ad you want.

The great thing about it is you could return to the Ad Set, choose a new segment and audience, and then run the ad in a brand new location, but the ad and the creative still have the same social proof and engagement we had before.

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