How To Select the Best Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement ring it is practical to be aware of a few factors that would impact the consumer purchasing behavior. After all, it is no ordinary ring. It is an engagement ring! This is the official start of your wedding functions- Hence, you want to get the perfect ring for your partner.

An engagement ring is a one-in-lifetime investment, and with the extensive range of choices available- it can be overwhelming to select one! Hence, you need to know what factors to consider before making the purchase.

What Are the Factors to Consider for An Engagement Ring?

The Size

The size of the ring is the first thing one must pay attention to it should be loose enough to slide in smoothly on the ring finger, and tight enough, so it doesn’t fall off. You can visit a jewelry store and ask them to give you the right size.

The Ideal Ring Setting Style

The next step is to select a ring setting type to proceed further with the purchase. A ring’s setting is basically giving a personal touch by determining how the center stone or diamond should be mounted.

If you are not sure of the ring setting, here are a few examples mentioned below.

What Are the Various Types of Ring Settings?

  • Solitaire
  • Channel
  • Bezel
  • Three-stone
  • Pave
  • Vintage Inspired
  • Prong
  • Halo
  • Split shank

Choose A Metal Type for The Ring

The ring is made out of various precious metals in different colors. Selecting the metal type is quite crucial, as it enhances the design and also; improves the overall view of the ring by enriching the look of the gemstones. Whether you are buying wedding bands or engagement rings, choosing the right metal is vital.

Engagement Ring
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What Is the Difference Between a Band and An Engagement Ring?

It is quite simple. The couples exchange the engagement ring at the engagement party. Whereas the wedding band is also a type of ring that holds a significant value in one’s life- that is usually gifted during the wedding ceremony to exemplify the matrimony.

What Are the Different Types of Ring Metals?


  • It is the strongest metal type in jewelry
  • It is 30 times rare than gold
  • Slightly expensive
  • It doesn’t cause allergic reactions as it is nearly 90-95% pure


There are two classifications in gold for engagement jewelry

  • 18K Gold
  • 14K Gold

Gold comes under the precious metal category. The 24K gold is pure and too soft for daily use jewelry. Therefore, the 24k gold is mixed with alloys to make pieces of jewelry for everyday use.

The 18K gold

  • It has 75% gold and 25% alloy.
  • The percentage of the alloy determines the color of the jewelry.
  • Soft than platinum
  • At affordable prices

The 14k gold

  • Considered the most wearable jewelry metal
  • It has 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloys
  • Higher durability
  • Available in moderate colors
  • It is a cheaper option than the other metal types

The mixture of various alloys determines the different gold colors. The most popular gold colors are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

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