How to Use Leave in Conditioner

When it comes to conditioners, many of you are still doubtful about its usage and the benefits. Yes, we know the fact that though you become excited listening about the perks of making it a part of your hair regimen but leave the thought of using it with ample of question marks in your head to avoid the damage of hair if at all it goes wrong.

How does the leave-in conditioner work?

An ordinary conditioner is usually applied immediately after shampoo, and it gets rinsed off from your hair completely after the wash. On the other hand, keracare leave in conditioner are methodically prepared to be left in your hair even after you wash your hair thoroughly, who doesn’t want their hair to stay happy?

You probably must be knowing that usage of a conditioner gives your hair a good time to repair itself, but we often do not prefer conditioning our hair on a regular basis. Many of you still have a long list of questions in your mind, but we are here to answer all your possible queries, there we go!

1. The right way of applying for a leave-in conditioner

Though most of you must be knowing the usage the right way of applying for leave-in conditioner would do wonders for you and you will feel proud of sharing these healthy tips with your friends. Make sure that you apply a leave-in conditioner immediately after shampooing your hair, starting from the end tips of the hair and moving upwards, avoiding the scalp will be better for the life of your hair, non-greasy look, especially if you are prone to oily strands.  Decide on the amount of conditioner as per the density and volume of your hair for the proper absorption.

2. Understand your requirement and the hair type

Not all shampoos and conditioners would work for all hair types. It is quite obvious that before you start using any product, it becomes necessary to listen to what your hair whispers to you? Pick the one who is treating your hair type fairly. Of course, it won’t happen within a day or two, but by now you must be knowing your hair, is it dense and curly at the same time, or just freezy and weak during winters, our hair reacts differently under different circumstances, according to seasons as well. So the first step towards a healthy choice is figuring out your hair type, it would be of great help to tap on the right choices, today and forever. Treat it with care before it treats you bad at the right time.

3. Do not use Leave-in Conditioner daily

Taking a break from shampooing and leave-in conditioning is a great idea. Never condition your hair on a daily basis as it would gradually damage your hair. Over usage of anything never proved to be the right decision. Make sure that you only use the leave-in conditioner only once or twice a week.

4. Make a wise decision

First of all, pay attention to what kind of leave-in conditioner you are using, is it a spray, gel, or cream you are going to use because the method of using it would be different. Spray should be spritz onto the hair and gel, or cream should be spread all over your hair, including ends. Take care of the amount of gel, cream or spray you apply, depending on the volume of your hair. Congratulate yourself for making the right choice if it works, else change the way you use the product. Your hair won’t speak but give attention as to how it reacts after every tiny treatment.

5. Keracare Leave-in conditioner

Listening about the natural ingredients in the product, we glow and the results too. This product is made using a unique blend of natural ingredients like Amla, shikakai, Argan, Abyssinian Oils, and Fruit Extracts. It helps moisturize dry and frizzy hair while wet, making the hair regimen easy for you. It further helps in styling into concise and curls. Oil in this conditioner adds shine to hair and keeps it moisturized and maintains lipophilic balance.

Benefits of using Keracare Leave-in  conditioner

It helps to deal with the PH balance of your hair, if you are not aware of the importance of the PH balance of your hair, let us help you, an acidic water rise after conditioning your hair helps you maintain a healthy pH balance. It nicely compacts the follicles and closes them. If your hair has shone, know that it holds a good pH balance. Cheers! It also helps seal cuticles and helps preserve elasticity, strength, and health of natural hair.

The pro tip

No one knows and understands your hair better than you, you’ve been experimenting and nourishing your hair since childhood and could make the right choice. What might work for others may not prove good for your hair. Listening to all the happy and bad times of your hair will surely do wonders.

It is the right time to flaunt the right choice!

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