How Virtual Wedding Can Keep You Safe Yet Connected

Weddings during a pandemic were seen as a risky zone in the initial days, due to the rapid spread of Covid 19. Still, it induces fear in our minds to attend weddings. Thanks to technology that we get to experience it all in the front seat through virtual weddings.  Couples have realized that virtual weddings were to be normalised. We all have witnessed the royal wedding and other celebrity weddings while it was streamed on television. A virtual wedding has a similar principle, connecting to a wedding on an online live streaming platform.

It has come to a point that every wedding functions with a setting of the camera at the front, connecting it through various streaming platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team etc has had virtually streamed the wedding sideways. These efforts are taken due to the restrictions by the government to avoid crowds at a wedding, making sure nobody gets affected by the virus. Though we all know, nothing can suffice the satisfaction like attending a wedding in person but is it also our responsibility to prioritize our safety by being sensitive to understanding that we might be the carrier of the virus. It is also our responsibility to make sure that the health of any other guests should not be affected. It is obvious we need people to attend the wedding, but a digital wedding platform comes to the rescue when it’s decided to avoid the risk. By doing so, we also make sure that the wedding goes smoothly where hundreds of wedding guests witness it all in their comfortable space at home.

The recent incident of Karpagam, a 55 yr old bank employee from Kotturpuram, Chennai, went all the way down to Trichy on October 16th 2020 to attend a wedding happening in a remote village, where unexpectedly a lot of guests came in; when she got back home after attending the wedding, she fell ill and was hospitalized. Later she was tested Covid positive! Unfortunately, due to her breathing issues, she couldn’t sustain survival. She passed away in a few days. Not only Karpagam but many people over the world have left us due to similar circumstances.  Imagine, in her case, there was a facility for virtual wedding, taken into serious account in our country, she wouldn’t have taken the risk of travelling and infecting the virus. We wouldn’t have lost her. This incident stands as an example for many incidences for safety in wedding these days, on how it’s healthy to choose the option of the virtual wedding. It avoids the guilt between families on these unfortunate incidences and stays connected to the wedding through the help of technology.

Ensuring the safety and wellness of wedding guests, taking proper sanitary measures and maintaining social distance is all essential and important. Therefore we need not have to be physically present to wish the newlyweds.  But rather, considering the safety of our families we shall still be connected through virtual weddings by sending our blessings and hearty wishes, wishing them the best in the comfort at our homes and the safety of our family and friends lets just take a moment to look back on the benefits of attending a virtual wedding as it’s helpful for all of us on a larger scale

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