How You Can Use Custom Eyelash Boxes For Branding Of Your Product

In an ideal retail environment, the first thing customer comes in contact with is the products’ packaging. The significance of packaging increases if the product is cosmetics. 66% of American women have admitted to buying a makeup product just because they liked the packaging so much. Great packaging is one of the major causes of impulsive buying. If you give consumers a chance to consider and evaluate their purchase decisions, there is a 50% chance they will end up NOT buying your product. Too many choices and too much information confuse the customer. The key to being successful in the market is product branding and packaging is the most effective tool you can use for that. We will explore how Custom Eyelash Boxes can be used for the branding of an indie makeup company.

Components of branding:

In today’s world, there are three main components of branding. To understand what branding is one must understand its components completely.

  • Identity
  • Image
  • Brand promise


The consumers but by your employees and shareholders as well. It includes your mission, vision, and core values of your brand. You can’t communicate your mission or vision separately to everyone. The packaging is one way to visually communicate your brand identity to your target customer, employees, and stakeholders. Take the example of Huda beauty, they started out with selling just eyelashes. Their custom eyelash boxes featuring eyes of Huda Kattan, CEO of the company, became the visual identity of their company and now the same eyes have been featured on their eye shadow palates.

  • Logo
  • Imagery
  • Colors
  • Graphics and everything visually come under your brand identity.

A company’s logo is the visual representation of the brand. The imagery, graphics, colors, and whatever technique you use for the packaging must be cohesive and translate the core values of your brand.

Why packaging?

One might ask why focus so much on the packaging? The answer is simple, your packaging design will be featured everywhere, from your website to the billboards to TVCs. It is what customers are going to see. The human brain can process images 6000x faster than words or sounds. So before you say a word about your product, an image has already been created in the mind of consumers. It is a scientific fact that the use of colors increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

After looking at the packaging, consumers can decide in Initial 10 seconds if they want to buy your product or not. This is how important packaging is. Creating a brand image through packaging means you’re in charge of setting the criteria of how your brand will be perceived. It will lay the foundation for brand image.


The second component of branding is brand image. Contrary to identity, image is what the customer actually thinks about your brand. Your efforts for brand identity already establish a brand image, maintaining that image is the real task. Many brands don’t survive in the market because they fail to maintain their image. Social media, e-commerce sites, and continuous flow of new information are key components of maintaining a brand image. All of these platforms, again, will be featuring your logo and packaging design.


If the basic infrastructure is botched, it won’t hold the weight for long and soon the whole thing will come collapsing down. To build strong branding for your eyelash product, you must invest in compelling Custom Eyelash Boxes designs.

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