In the United States, where Will We Find Vape Pens Box

If you are the one who is planning to kick the smoking habit, then the struggle is real. Around 6 to 9 smokers state that they like to stop and quiet. It is one of the excellent things you offer to the health. You must have known all about its effect on the human body. As per the study, the percentage of death by Smoking is 1/3 because of heart disease. You may be thinking of going for a vape pen that comes in store in the beautiful vape pen box. The question here is, is it beneficial to quiet the cigarette? Does it have any harmful effects on the human body? Let us find out all about it.

Vaping Pen and Its Reality

The beautiful package and the instruction printed on the box may make you to buy e-cigs such as vape pens, e-cigs, and other tools. It is because it’s an easy gateway to get rid of the smoking habit. Most of you think by doing this, you can keep yourself away from nicotine’s harmful effects.

  • Is the e-cig or vaping is better for you than other tobacco items?
  • Can it have the power to stop you from smoking at all?

The above mentioned are the questions that make you think twice before buying the e-cigs. In the blog, you will find all info about it. Michael Blah, the Clinical Research director at Johns Hopkins Cicerone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, shares some healthy data about vaping.

E-Cigs are less Harmful than Regular Smoking. Is it Safe?

Most of you do not know much about the vape and how it works. Here is a step that will help you to learn more about it.

  • Vape heats the nicotine ( get it from tobacco)
  • Flavouring
  • add other stuff to make the aerosol that people inhale

Do you know traditional cigarette consists of 7,000 chemicals and they are toxic? While we do not know what stuff is present in vape. The Blaha state,” indeed e-cigs expose you to the less toxin then regular smoke.”

But still, there is a chance of health issues with vaping like

  • lung injuries
  • deaths

On January 21, 2020, CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) confirmed around 60 deaths in people with vaping or e-cigs item use linked lung injuries ( EVALI)

The CDC suggested that users:

  • Do not utilize THC-Containing vaping items.
  • It is best to avoid informal sources like online dealers, family, and friends to get e-cigs devices.
  • Always read the info on the vape pen box and look for the brand name, logo, address, and other vital information.
  • Never modify or add the substance to the e-cigs tools on your own. Follow the maker guidelines.

Studies Show E-cigs are bad for Lungs and Heart

What is the primary agent in both vaping and regular cigs? It is nicotine, and it is addictive. It may make you crave more for smoke, and you might suffer some withdrawal signs. Nicotine has a harmful effect on your health like:

  • it increases the Blood pressure
  • Spike the adrenaline
  • increase heart rate
  • can cause a heart attack.

Is vaping hurtful for you? There are some points about e-cigs that most of you are unaware of, like

  • Vapors consist of which chemicals?
  • how it affects your physical health

Recent data suggest its link to asthma, chronic lung issues, and the relation between dual usage of Smoking and vape with CVS. So it is not right to label vaping as a safe thing for your health.

E-Cigs are As Addictive as Normal Once

Most users say they like to vape because it is not addictive, but the truth is different.  Both types of know consist of nicotine, and researches show that it is harmful, like cocaine and heroin. Do you know some e-cigs consist of more amount nicotine than other tobacco items? You can purchase an extra-strength vape cartridge, which has a high concern for nicotine. You can even increase the voltage of your vape device to get more substance. So it is not right to say it not as addictive as others. If you still like to go for it, do not forget to read the amount of nicotine mention on the vape pen box.

Vaping is not the Right Smoking Quieting Tool.

Although brands are branding it as the best device to eliminate smoke, it is not. The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) does not make it a smoking stopping tool.  A recent study shows that people who use it to kick their nicotine use both regular and e-cigs. The result of this dual combination results in harmful effects on health.

In EVALI outbreak, the Centres for Diseases Control and Preventions warns people who use vape to stop smoking from weighing benefits and risks and looking for the FDA’s options.

The New Generation is hooked on Smoke or Nicotine

In a digital world, when everything is one click away from you, it makes the young generation get their hands on e-cigs. It becomes more of a fashion trend than a need. It has become more famous among the new generation, and in the U.S, its rate is one increase slides. In 2012, the USA surgeon stated that vape items among high school pupils had boosted around 900%, and 40% of new vape users do not smoke tobacco regularly.

There are mainly three reasons that make teenagers go for the e-cigs:

  1. They think e-cigs are less harmful than traditional cigarettes
  2. Pre-use, Cost is less as compare to others
  3. The vapes usually have some nice flavours like apple pies, watermelon, and others.

In a Nut Shell

 Now you have learned about the 5 interesting facts about vaping and how it affects your health. There is a direct link between CVS and Smoking. Look for doctor advice for quieting because e-cigs are not the best choice.

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