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International Movers Guide: Tops Tips to Find Work Abroad for Over 50s

Moving to UK from Singapore

Surveys from different International Movers Singapore show that young people tend to move to foreign countries to get a reputable job and of course to earn more money.

What happens, if you’re above 50? It is known that people with ages above 50 are less likely to get a job abroad because embassies will not allow them a job visa.

However, it is not always true. Also, the silver hair generation probably has a nice nest egg that many countries consider as “investment” to obtaining specific visas.  If you are about to retire or looking to change your profession, we recommend speaking with immigration specialist that can assist you with your specific requirements.

Luckily, there are a lot of jobs that are only meant for experienced professionals. If you want to find work abroad, then this might be the right time for you. Working in a foreign country is not only challenging, but it also provides a lot of fun and a renewed lease for life.

International Movers are often consulted on this as we assist with the relocation of a wide range of working professionals. Therefore, if you are considering moving to the UK from Singapore to another destination, you may want to consider several tips before applying for a job.

What are your goals?

The first and essential step to getting hired abroad is that you should consider why you are willing to work overseas? Do you want to relocate permanently, or you want to go to another country for a contractual time period? Do you want to get hired by a reputable international company? Or do you want to make a massive difference in your lifestyle?

These are some questions that you should ask yourself before looking for a job abroad.

Can you Afford Traveling abroad?

The most important aspect of getting work abroad is that you should look at is the expense. How much money you will have to spend to get a job abroad? It is to be noted that it is a costly move to apply for a work visa.

Because you will have to spend a lot of money on all accommodations, meals, visa fees, and other flight expenses, what you may need to do is to save a handsome amount of money to move abroad.

What are your Qualifications?

An essential step to apply for a different job is that you must know that the degrees you are holding are relevant and applicable. This will help you to look for a career in areas where organizations have been searching for employees with similar skills. The extensive experience will be a plus point in your favour as well.

Review Regulations:

Most countries in the world have set limitations on several jobs reserved for older people or seniors. Most of the time, older people are not even encouraged to apply for a job. Therefore, you should check out the work visa regulations before applying for a job in a particular company.

VISAS Specific to Working and Retirement:

There are a few countries that promote visas directly to a specific skill, age and basic income. These visas promote working with the option of retirement in their country. While there will be very specific criteria to meet, if you have saved well over the years you might find this option attractive.

Everyone will have various reasons to relocate at different aspects of their life and career. The push and pull factors will never be the same for everyone. While the main driver will, of course, be a need for change in career and lifestyle, due diligence is highly recommended before you make that expensive move to a different city, country or even continent.


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