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Is Erectile Dysfunction Possible

Erectile Dysfunction

Is Erectile Dysfunction Possible?

A man will spend time and effort to maintain a healthy penis. This is in order to lessen the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Because sexual pleasure and satisfaction are largely dependent on the ability of the penis and to maintain an erectile state, it is understandable that men want to avoid erectile dysfunction. The internet is abuzz about a rumor that cat scratching can make a man impotent. Is this a rumor or true?

These are the facts

Although it sounds absurd, science has documented at least one instance in which a cat scratched a man’s genital area that caused erectile dysfunction. But that doesn’t mean every tabby-bitten man should worry about whether or not he can rise to the occasion in bed.

A 23-year old man presented with the following symptoms: fever, chills, and sweating. He had also lost over 20 pounds in the past six months and was experiencing pains in his pelvis, back, penile glands, balls, and swelling of his lymph nodes. He also reported significant problems in his erectile function.

His doctors tested him for obvious causes, such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the results came back negative. He was also not suffering from lymphoma (which often presents with many symptoms that he listed).

The cat connection

Bartonella henselae, a type of bacteria, was found by doctors. This bacterium is responsible for cat scratch illness. The phrase “cat scratch fever” is a common term that many men know from the Ted Nugent song. However, not many people are aware of the true cause!.

After confirming the diagnosis, doctors were able to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic treatment and the patient made a complete recovery in three weeks!.

Yes, this cat caused the man’s erectile dysfunction. But it is rare. The bacteria are not carried by most cats. The second is that not all cats that are scratched get sick. Even if they do become ill, the severity of their illness can vary greatly!.

The bacteria caused an extreme reaction in this man. The bacteria caused nerve damage to the penis. This made it difficult for the nerves to transmit and receive the signals necessary for proper erectile function!.

The penis is usually unaffected by cat scratches in the vast majority of cases!. If the scratch is directly on the penis there will be penis pain and discomfort but hopefully no bacteria-related nerve damage or subsequent erectile dysfunction!.

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Take care

What should a man do if his cat scratches it? Doctors recommend washing the area with soap and water and possibly using mild disinfectants. If he develops symptoms such as swelling of the lymph nodes or other signs, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Although erectile dysfunction caused by a cat scratch can be rare, it is worth keeping your penis in the best possible health. Regular application of a high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil which has been clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skin) can help. You should look for a creme that contains both L-arginine as well as L-carnitine. This is an aid to the process of increasing blood volume in the penis. This ingredient is neuroprotective and can protect against decreased sensation from overuse or aggressive usage.

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