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Is it Easy to Replace the Battery of iPhone X?


Over the course of ten years, Apple has managed to come up with a wide range of iPhone models designed to keep up with the technological standards. Even more, the iPhones are designed with high-end features to comply with the diverse needs of the users. They started with iPhone 4, and it has now upgraded to iPhone 12, which is coming out next year.

With this being said, iPhone X became the flagship model, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every iPhone user was going gaga over iPhone X. As for the iPhone users, they must be aware of the fact that batteries drain out quickly. Similarly, some iPhone X users have been struggling with a faulty battery that can impact functionality and performance.

In this case, there are higher chances that you are already looking for the iPhone X Battery replacement services in Adelaide to make sure they are able to get the battery replaced. One might be pondering, “is it easy to replace the battery of iPhone X?” For all such people, we have designed this article to make sure they get the battery on track!

Removing & Replacing an iPhone X Battery

For people who cannot find the iPhone battery replacement services, this is the right choice for them. This is because we have added the instructions for battery replacement for iPhone X. In the section below, we have added the steps on how you can remove and replace the iPhone X battery. These instructions aren’t approved by Apple, but it has helped many people get the battery replaced. So, let’s start if you aren’t able to find the iPhone repair services in Adelaide.

Removing The Assembly

The first step is to remove the taptic engine as well as the speaker assembly. This is because you can consult the third-party guides and instructions for removing the assembly. One needs to be mindful of this step because there are multiple screws that must be taken out to unassembled the parts.

Removing The Adhesive

When you remove the speaker assembly and taptic engine, you will have the exposed battery, and the display will be removed as well. In the next step, you need to pull up the adhesive tabs (these tabs are usually added on the bottom side of the batteries). It is suggested to use the tweezers. Then, you can roll it out to show the white adhesive.

With this being said, you need to remove the white adhesive as well. Make sure that you remove the adhesives from every side as well as from the top of the battery.

Lifting The Battery & Surface Cleaning

Once you remove the adhesives, you need to remove the battery connectors from the boar (yes, we are talking about the logic board) and left the bottom side of the battery. You will need to lift off through the black stick. However, if the battery doesn’t move, you need to stop right there and buy a new iPhone. In case the battery is moving, you can move to the next steps.

After you are able to lift the battery, you need to use the isopropyl alcohol wipes for cleaning the insides of the batter. While cleaning the surface, make sure that it doesn’t touch the middle part of the iPhone.

Adding The Battery

Before you add the new battery after taking out the faulty one, you need to make sure there are no loose screws. This is because it can lead to batter punctures. On the other hand, if the iPhone X battery has a colored outlay, you need to remove the covering. After this, you need to place the battery inside and connect it with the logic board.

It is suggested to use the flat surface for pressing down the battery gently, so it is properly secured to the iPhone. Also, when you are pressing the battery down, make sure that you have removed the batteries from the bottom side. Lastly, you need to remove the battery cover. In the last step, just add the iPhone cover on the top for a properly secured battery.

Advantages Of Replacing The iPhone X Battery Yourself

If you still need reasons to replace the iPhone X battery yourself, we have outlined some of them for you;

  • The spare parts used in the battery replacement, such as screws and adhesives, are readily available. In addition, you can buy the iPhone X kit because it eases the replacement
  • You only need to have proper connectors and screws around to make sure everything is secure and in place

Final Words:

I hope you will like this post as we have shared maximum details in very much easy style. But if you are looking for the professional iPhone repair service providers, then you can visit here at Fix2Apple.