Is This Secret News Linking Site Just For Your Best Friend?

No, you can also share the Darre link with any of your WhatsApp contacts or Facebook friends list and ask them to respond to that Darre link. This will give you an idea of ​​what people generally think about you. Then ask your friends to join this platform and send us a unique link for anonymous admiration.

What to do if the link to my secret message does not work?

Enable cookies in your browser settings. Or follow the steps below

Opens the default value. (We recommend using Chrome for good performance)

Then go to Menu> Settings> Site Settings> Cookies.

There is also a display menu icon in the upper right corner.

Make sure cookies are enable.

Is the confidential link site secure? Our goal.


The platform is safer than ever as we continue to work on the user experience to make the game more enjoyable. We value security. If you feel insecure, you can stop using the service. We focus on friendship and we are able to confess to each other and reveal secrets, openly and anonymously.

Is anyone harassing or threatening you?

If you use a service call Anonymous Messages. You need to understand that the ID of the user sending the message is not store. There is no way to understand who sent you the message. There is no way to understand who sent you the message. I fully understand your concerns, but this is how our website works.

How do I create a link to a secret message? Or how does it work?

Link to secret WhatsApp message Creates status. Receive anonymous messages from friends daily.

  • Entering the URL of the confidential message link:
  • Enter a name, link the secret message and share it with your friends. However, you can also share links not only with them, but also using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms.
  • Post a link to a secret message and you will receive an anonymous message that only you can see.

Why Use the Link of the Secretmessagelink Secret Message?

secret message link is an anonymous secret message linking platform with many unique features. You can check it by using it only once.

How can I stop receiving Secretmessagelink notifications?

To stop receiving notifications, tap the lock icon  in the browser’s address bar, click Site Settings, click the Notifications button, and turn off Show notifications. Can see the notifications are now disabled. You can also use this method to turn off notifications from other sites. Also search for step-by-step guides on Google by typing Disable push notifications in your Android browser.

I forgot my login PIN. How can I recover?

If you forget your login PIN, create a new account. The person who only has a user ID and no pins is not necessarily the same person who created the account. Therefore, the pin cannot be passed on to anyone.

Do you want to know who sent me the message?

If you use a service called Anonymous Messages, you need to understand that the ID of the user sending the message is not stored. Therefore, there is no way to know who sent the message.

How do I create my account with a secret message?

Go to the website (, enter a name and click the Create link button. Your account has been created. Click the Copy link button to copy the link and share it with all your social media accounts.

How to recover deleted secret messages?

If you delete a message, it will be permanently deleted from the server. Therefore, it is not possible to recover deleted messages.

How to make a secret message?

  • Open
  • Enter a name, create a link for the secret message and share the link with your friends.
  • When you post a link to a secret message, you will see an anonymous message that only appears in the secret message field.

Is secret message book anonymous?

Yes, secret links are anonymous.

How do I find my secret message box?

If you click Confirm Message on this page to open the secret message link dashboard, you will be redirected to the secret message box.

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