John Michael Eskildsen Virginia Beach Incident: 5 Facts You Need to Know, Viral Video of ‘Racist Neighbor’ Terrorizing Family

John Michael Askldson Virginia Beach, Who is John Michael Askldson? Age, phone number, a new piece of information is about to hit the headlines, and it has caught the attention of every internet user.

The story in the news is about a man named John Michael Eskledson who lives in Virginia Beach and is accused of engaging in racially offensive behavior toward his neighbors. Among the victims of his threatening behavior was a female naval officer and her family, which came to light during the investigation. This information came to light when a former maritime officer uploaded a video on YouTube and shared it with others. As a result, it quickly gained mass attention. The viral video has shown many heart-wrenching scenes that have left a large number of people shocked. By the end of this piece, our readers will have a better understanding of the situation and who John Michael Eskaldson is.

1. Who is John Michael Askledson? Age, phone number, Instagram

According to information gathered from sources, John Michael Eskledson has been accused of engaging in racially insensitive behavior toward his neighbors. In addition, he terrorized Jannique Martinez, an African-American legend in the U.S. Navy, and her family for a long time.

The former naval officer and his family moved to the Jasmine Court area in 2017 after leaving their previous residence.

2. Martinez Releases Video of Alleged Racist Neighbor Terrorizing Family in Virginia Beach, John Michael Eskledson Virginia Beach

After that, a neighboring resident started making the family’s life more difficult by playing the recording loudly. Not only that, but John also installs a motion sensor outside the Martinez home, which also sets off offensive sounds and flashing lights, causing the family trouble.

3. The police department in Virginia Beach has said the behavior in question is “horrendous” but does not rise to the level of criminal activity.


4 John Michael Escaldson Virginia Beachman terrorizes a black family with motion sensors that trigger monkey noises.

When a former naval officer uploaded a video on YouTube discussing all these things, he brought the matter to the attention of everyone. Then, in an interview with CNN, Jannique Martinez said that whenever she and her family leave the house, the newly installed motion sensor starts going off, discussing the inappropriate behavior of John Michael Escaldson. .

He said that as soon as we step out of our house, monkey sounds start coming. It’s so racist, and it stinks to high heaven.” She went on to say that her son was terrified of the man.

Additionally, the family filed a complaint against John with the Virginia Beach Police Department. However, the department did not issue an arrest warrant for John, nor take any further action against him. He unequivocally refused to join the proceedings.

5. According to reports on social media, a racist has been identified in Virginia Beach.

John Michael Askledson, 47, of Virginia Beach, was recently accused of racially abusing his neighbors. He does not have a job and lives at his mother’s house in the Jasmine Court neighborhood.

In 1999, she married Licudo Gelacion, and the couple had two children. On the other hand, his wife raised the children.

John has been in the news recently due to a viral video showing him engaging in racist behavior towards his neighbors. Reports suggest that several families have lodged several complaints with the authorities, but the authorities have not taken any action in response to these complaints.

After further investigation, the police decided not to file any criminal charges against John. Keep checking back with us for more updates.


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