Learn What Is Foamex Printing and Various Uses For Board Printing

In recent times, board printing has become one of the most in-demand things for most businesses. Each business is required to do some kind of marketing or promotional activities, this further requires them to create banners and signage. This is when they have to get some board printing done. Board printing businesses have a large set of clients belonging to different industries and to satisfy the demands of these businesses, board printing businesses have different options depending on the needs and demands of the activities.

But there is a trend that has been noticed recently. Most clients have the demand for foamex pvc board printing. Foamex Board or Foamex board printing has become very popular among most board printing businesses and their respective clients. Foamex boards are suitable for various activities and businesses, mainly for their qualities and ease-of-use.

Let us take a deeper look at what Foamex is exactly and why it is so popular among businesses and board printers. We will also discuss how and why foamex is preferred for most board printing activities.

Foamex is made out of expanded PVC and it’s a variety of plastic. PVC is one of the most widely used plastics around the world. This material is basically more suited for direct printing because it is easier to cut to shape and light. Also, foamex proves to be quite durable. Being a type of plastic, it is also waterproof and so preferred mostly for outdoor use.

These are just some basic characteristics that make Foamex boards an easily popular option for materials to use for marketing and promotions. A Foamex board is majorly used for creating advertising boards, irrespective of the size. Foamex is a versatile material, so you will often easily find it used for decorations and shop displays like hanging signs.

A few points to understand foamex better

  • Foamex is the kind of material that’s easy to print on. The PVC’s molecular structure is such that it allows the foamex panels a flat and even surface that’s mostly white in colour. This is a great thing as it becomes easier to print on a material like this. When you directly print something on foamex, it is able to produce a beautiful matt effect. If you want the print or the image to be a bit glossier, UV varnish can be applied to it. The UV varnish not only gives it a glossy effect but also offers the panel with extra protection.
  • A Foamex board tends to withstand slightly rough weather, compared to materials like cardboard. This characteristic allows you to use foamex printing for outdoor signages. In case you would like to use foamex boards for outdoor, the recommended thickness is 10mm, as the 3mm foamex and 5mm foamex will not be strong enough to withstand rough weather.
  • Also, all kinds of boards are subjected to wear and tear over time, but a foamex board is pretty resistant to such wear and tear. The panel remains good enough for quite some time if it is not exposed to too much sun.
  • In addition to being durable, a foamex board is also pretty lightweight. Being a lightweight material, it is often preferred when a person is supposed to handle the boards single-handedly. This makes foamex boards a favoured option as it is easy to transport and install.
  • Foamex is a material that’s easy to work with. The shape of the board can be altered according to the preferences. Also, the board can be easily drilled for inserting screws or metal hooks. It is easy to glue to a particular surface as well. This is why foamex is considered to be a versatile material. A foamex board can not only be used for traditional marketing and advertising activities, but also for hanging sings, exhibition signage, or display items.
  • In addition to being durable and lightweight, another quality of foamex that’s really attractive is that it is a highly fire-resistant material. These are the kind of characteristics that make a foamex board have great value for money. Foamex is also often seen as a good alternative to expensive materials like aluminum.

Uses of foamex board printing

Being a versatile material that comes in three different options: 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, and 10mm foamex, and can be used for a large variety of activities.

  • Exhibition graphics: A foamex PVC board is perfect for exhibition graphics as the requirements for boards and signs in a situation like this are to be large and easy to transport. Foamex is perfect as it is easy to fix in a place and also lightweight, so it can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • Construction site signs: Foamex boards can be used at construction sites for getting all the health and safety messages across.
  • School and college signs: Foamex boards are often used in large organizations like schools and colleges for information graphics as they can fit anywhere easily and are lightweight.
  • Industrial signage and boards: In an industrial environment, durability is an important factor, so it makes complete sense if a foamex pvc board is preferred over other materials for industrials signage.
  • Point of sale signage: Foamex boards can achieve great print quality, and you can use any colors and bring it into any shape that you like.
  • Event venue signs: Foamex boards or foamex printing is widely used for event venue signs in order to create eye-catching promotions and advertisements at events. You can print on both sides of a foamex board and cut it into the shape of your choice.

The most preferred printing material

All the above-mentioned qualities and uses of a foamex PVC board or foamex printing must have proved why foamex is a preferred material for most businesses. Its qualities like being lightweight and thickness of 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm allow you to make use of foamex boards for different activities. 3mm foamex and 5mm foamex are more commonly used. No matter what you use it for, you can give it the shape you like and print on either side of the board and get good value for money from a foamex PVC board.

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