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Never knew Peace can be Wrapped in a Piece of Paper

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How can you buy something that you don’t know has what you need inside it? We all buy things that are pre-made without any problem so why not pre-rolls, after all, who wouldn’t like a joint already made for them without any effort. A ravishing pre-roll, packed in a beautifully made pre roll packaging, sounds like a perfect gift, especially for cannabis consumers.

There are certain pros and cons of pre-rolls, let’s have a quick look at pros first. It is understood that pre-rolls provide convenience. Pre-rolls are a great alternative for customers who are not familiar with how to roll joints or blunts. They are also excellent options for patients with medical marijuana who may be suffering from debilitating conditions such as arthritis and who may not be able to roll on their own. Another simple advantage that pre-rolls have is discretion, as some of them look like regular cigarettes in terms of appearance. Smoking pre-rolls in public are now made easier and keeping them in pockets even easier as they are sold in plastic tubes that prevent them to break.

Now the cons, although most dispensaries and stores stock pre-rolls of quality, some which take advantage of the scenario and sell pre-rolls stuffed with leftover shake, and this is something that prospective buyers will try to avoid. Some people also discourage pre-rolls because they like the process of making and rolling their own joints instead of getting ready made ones.

When it comes to quality, people opt for the best and reasonable ones and when it comes to pre-rolls, people choose the ones with the best smell and taste. Many pre-rolls had different combinations of shake and dry plant components for years, including stems and excess leaves, because manufacturers realized that by filling their pre-rolls with items that would otherwise go to waste, they could dramatically save on costs. But those who are regular smokers will know what they are getting so with time, people started using more cannabis instead of left-overs.

Another secret ingredient in a pre-roll joint is shaken. The use of shake is a common practice, as it means that the whole flower of a dispensary is put to use. But it can ruffle feathers as well. Some customers believe shake, which is not actually the case, is low-quality cannabis. Shake, in reality, is just smaller bits of stuff of the same consistency.

Why do people exactly smoke Pre-Roll Joints?

There can be various reasons but one remains a constant pleasure. THC, the key psychoactive ingredient in pre-rolls, activates the part of your brain that, like food and sex, responds to pleasure. That unleashes a chemical called dopamine, which gives you a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Without knowing the long-term effects, people prefer short term pleasure. There are many disadvantages of smoking pre-rolls and the worst is getting addicted to it. Once you get addicted, you might not be able to quit even if it will cost you your relations, job, or even life. You might have the same breathing issues as someone who smokes cigarettes if you use them daily. That may mean a continuous cough with colored mucus. Your lungs can pick up infections more readily. That’s partial because THC appears to weaken the immune systems of some users.

There are different types of pre-roll joints, such as Classic Doobie, as vintage-is, this might sound, it’s nothing like how our ancestors used to make pre-rolls, which were called Dipped and Rolled Doobies which is made with cannabis then dipped in cannabis and then rolled in cannabis, think of the after-effects of smoking it, life might seem too colorful for you but again, it depends on your mental state, some might get too high that they get afraid or anxious about everything which also leads to panic attacks.

After cannabis was legalized, it became easy to stop at a dispensary and buying pre-roll joint. It’s cheap, simple, and perfect when you’re on your way to whatever fun you’re looking for, for a fast touch alone or with friends. We would all like to think that with top-shelf bud, and dispensary rolls its joints, using the same love and care that your ancestors did so that they could all have a good time together. But this is the real world, and dispensaries are less like your ancestors, and more like your cannabis dealer who was cool but also made money in it.

As far as smoking joint for the sake of fun is concerned, there isn’t much harm but making it an addiction and then not being able to quit it is harmful especially when teenagers start off as THE cool kids who smoke pot but in their early 20’s are left with no choice but to be an addict who at the end has no life left and is somewhere lying on a bed of a rehabilitation center or maybe some don’t even get a chance to be there as their intake of marijuana or any other drug ends their life in a dramatic yet in a saddening way.