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Online Reputation Monitoring – A Definitive Guide


The reputation or image of an organization is considered to be the key to its survival and success in the market. However, achieving the same can be quite tricky to say the least, especially if we are talking about the world of online.

An availability of automation, real-time working, and sharing has provided the audience with an unprecedented opportunity to impact almost any business. Therefore, you will need to try to avoid the negativity as much as possible.

In this aspect, hiring an online reputation management agency can be ideal for you. But, before you do so, you will need to learn more about the ways to monitor online reputation. And, the following information might help you out in this context.

  1. Monitor the Review-based Websites

There are several 3rd party websites available out there, such as Glassdoor, which collects reviews on various organizations. Now, it might not seem to be adequate, but there are many people who tend to refer to these sites.

So, you will need to begin the monitoring procedure through them. We can, first, try to find out your organization from the crowd and check for both positives as well as negatives. You may also try to reply every one of them to add a personal touch.

You may also hire an online reputation repair agency to do such a strenuous task for you!

2. Keep An Eye on the Social Media

Social media platforms have become one of the most prominent places for an individual to share their thoughts. And, they tend to do the same while reviewing an organization as well.

So, aside from the 3rd party websites, you will need to keep an eye on social media too. Even if you get any negative comments, you would still have to reply to them all politely.

This way, the consumer-seller relationship will be better than ever and you will be able to gain their attention and respect.

3. Evaluate Your Blog Section

Blog section of a website tends to be informative and relevant to the organization. So, after checking the first page of the site, most people will visit the same to learn more about you. They might also leave one or two comments there as feedback.

According to the online reputation repair services, you will need to evaluate them as well. Through it, you can find a lot of insights, which might help you to alleviate your services. Moreover, you may also get encouragement from positive comments.

However, to make the most out of your blog section, you will need to make it as relevant as possible. This way, the web traffic of your site will increase even more and make your business even more viable.

4. Get listed on the different review platforms

If you want to ensure that you have a widespread online presence, then you must claim your business profiles on some review platforms. There are some popular review platforms on which users often rely before making their decision. These include – Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Amazon, Better Business Bureau, etc.

5. Respond to reviews

Regardless of the review type – positive or negative, it is crucial that you reply to them. If you respond, it conveys that you care about the feedback of the customers. This, in turn, helps in building a foundation of trust and transparency. Keep in mind to be polite, thankful, and calm in your responses.


So, these are some of the sections that you need to monitor almost regularly. Otherwise, you might miss out on various details regarding your organization’s current reputation. You may also hire an expert or an online reputation repair company for your purpose. It will be safer and more efficient this way!