Peora Village- A Relative Secret Summer Destinations in North India

Peora Village can be best described as a hidden gem of a place because of its geographical location lying between the Kumaon hills in Uttarakhand. Like most places nestled between hills, Peora is situated about 6000 feet adobe sea level and is surrounded by tranquil and serene environment.

The location of this hamlet makes Peora Village nothing short of fantasy land. One can bask in the glory of Himalayan Shivalik ranges and Kumoan hills from the village itself. For those who are looking for an escape from the urban jungle can take solace in Peora Village as this village has not yet been touched by modernity. The lifestyle people of Peora Village lead are stripped down and simple. The tiled-roof houses in the village surrounded by lush greenery will make you feel like you have been transported to an undiscovered land. Incase you want to explore more about Uttarakhand, you can get your Uttarakhand Holiday Packages online.

Moreover, there are a few British era bungalows in Peora, which give the village a whimsical vibe. The scenic beauty one comes across in Peora, like any other amusing experience, leaves you spell-bounded and with little ability to express your delight in words. Peora Village is the kind of place that one has to experience in order to ascertain its beauty.

Things to do

There are multiple things you can choose to do in this quaint village. If you are someone who is interested in bird watching, you will find yourself in luck as the lush green trees of Peora are home to a variety of birds. Every morning, the whole village of Peora is filled with sweet chirpings of the birds. It is impossible to visit Peora and not find yourself intrigued by the birds that fly around the village.

If you are looking for an adventure, you can go trekking in the snow-capped hills of Kumaon. The picturesque mountain range surrounding lush green trees and a small, vibrant village nestled in-between them will make your trekking experience way more enjoyable.

Peora Village is so beautiful a place that you would want to roam around to be able to give in to its allure and serenity. You can take a stroll through the myriad of trees and get acquainted with the birds and animals to get closer to true nature. If you are with a partner or friend, you can choose a lovely spot in PeoraViilage to go picnic. You can lie down and relax with your friends and partner and appreciate what the village has to offer.

Where to stay and what to eat

Since Peora is a small village, you won’t be able to find a multi-cuisine restaurant there. Nevertheless, you can always ask your hotel staff to cook the meal of your choice. Dak Bungalow is a place that is believed to be the best place to stay here, Also You can find decent accommodation options in Peora that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Visitors must make sure to keep the essentials with them while visiting Peora as the village does not have much in the name of a market.


Since Peora is located in the laps of nature, you can find various herbal products in the local market. Products like spices, face packs, fruits and fresh vegetables are readily available. You can also go fruit picking in Peora Village as most trees in the village are laden with various fruits.

Getting there

Although Peora Village is a mostly undiscovered village, it is quite easy to get there. If you are travel by Air,The nearest Airport is Pantnagar Airport, however the best way to reach the village is by train. The nearest Railway station is kathgodam Railway Station and then hire a taxi to reach Peora Village. Peora Village is nearly 3 kilometres away from the nearest railway station.

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