Perfume with Customized Packaging Can Be a Perfect Gift on Valentine’s

On Valentine’s, many couples present gifts to each other to express their love for each other. Out of all the gifts that they exchange, perfumes packed in custom Perfume Boxes of their own always stand out. These are some of the best well-designed packages that instantly catch the attention of the recipient. They can be manufactured in various attractive sizes and shapes. These are made with eco-friendly materials, so they are an ideal choice for nature-conscious people. If for knowing how you can turn your perfume packaging into a perfect gift this Valentine, then this article is for you.

Use appropriate colors

When you hear the word Valentine’s, the very first color that pops in your mind is the color red. It is why if you are going with customized packaging for perfumes, then you must use this color in it. It is not necessary to use the color red. In some cases, it may look a bit overkill. So to counter this issue, you have the option to combine it with another color. Popular color combinations include red and black and or red and white. It depends from person to person what color combination they prefer. If they are into darker tones, then the red and black combo will be a perfect choice. If not, then you can select the other combination. You also have the option to color the inside of the box for a more surprising effect.

Say it with typography.

Other than colors, your words and quotations can also play a good role in making these perfume packages a perfect gift. These quotations are normally from famous movies or well-known novels that the other person likes as these are fully customizable packages so you can choose what you want to print on them. If you are looking to give this perfume packaging a personalized touch, then you can go with dates and memories that you both share. Mention the name of the place where you first met. It will look more attractive and make the packaging as important as the gift itself is.

Finishing and custom inserts

Finishing is one of the most vital elements in any gift packaging. It is what makes any box more premium to hold. It might sound like it requires too much work, but it can be done easily. Proper finishing looks can be accomplished with the help of lamination techniques. These can be a matte or glossy finish. Also, you can use foiling methods to make the packaging look more premium. You can add a silver or golden foiling layer on top of the box for this purpose. Custom inserts are also a good choice to make any gift box look more special. These custom inserts can be related to the safety of the delicate perfume bottle inside the box. It helps with better securing of it. Or it can be in the form of small personalized cards which has printed or handwritten messages on them.

Shapes and customizations 

The first thing that a person notices about any packaging is the shapes and customized packaging in the box. These boxes are usually made with fully flexible materials, so they can be bent into many attractive shapes. It relies on the size of the perfume bottle, regarding what shape you may choose. Some common shapes for these gift packages are pyramid-styled packaging, the heart-shaped box, which is obvious, and in some cases, pillow packaging. In customized packaging, you can add a custom die-cut window in the box if you want them to look at the perfume from outside the box. With the help of die-cutting, many attractive shapes can be made into the boxes. You can also go for a heart-shaped window for this purpose.

Use proper illustrations or images.

As most people know that these gift packages are fully printable, so you need to make sure that the packaging design is attractive. You can add illustrations that are perfect for this Valentine’s occasion. These illustrations can be related to hearts, cupids, and colors red and white. All of these illustrations make it clear for the recipient what this packaging is for. In a case where you are not a fan of illustrations, you can use photos of the person on the box. It will give an instant personalization effect and make way to their heart.

Turning your perfume boxes into perfect gift packaging is not as hard as many people think. It can be done easily with the help of the tips and tricks mentioned above in the article. So now that you have read all of them, what is stopping you from designing your packages? Get in touch with a designer or start doing it yourself.

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